My guber ambition beyond Tinubu Ambode face – off, says Sanwo- Olu

September 13th, 2018

Lagos APC governorship aspirant, Babajide Sunwo – Olu Wednesday returned his nomination form to theparty ahead of the primaries, where he would face the incumbent governor, Akinwunmi Ambode. He spoke with journalists at the APC Secretariat. EZEOCHA NZEH was there for The AUTHORITY Excerpts:

What is it that Ambode has done wrong you are interested in taking over from him?

Why am I in the race? I’m sure I am 53 years old but more importantly, in the last almost 30 years, I had spent 16 years out it in private sector and 11 in the public service. Of course, I have been 3-time commissioner, I have been 2-time Special adviser, I have directors in biggest corporations in the State. I have served over 3 govs. So, I am in the wide range of experience as I have a dream to obviously contribute a lot more as a Lagosian and son of the soil, I will just be able to let our people get to where they know that governance is all about people, it is about what we expect, it is about what will go back to them, improve the cause of life, course of security and there are lot of other things we are going to be rolling out.

But why especially is to give my number of years experience, the pedigree from the private sector and from the public sector and I think it is appropriate for me now when people of Not-too-young are with us and put that aspiration in place.

Is it true that Asiwaju Tinubu has backed you or endorser you?

Like I said, I am 53 years myself. There is no doubt that things would be said here and there. A man that is standing in front of you, fully grown-man with several years of experience, like I said, it is about the Lagos of our dream, it is about the Lagos we want to take to the next level.

I think it has nothing to do with our leader and there is no denial that he’s our national leader. And he takes back position not only in the State but in the national and you know he has interest in the well-being and improvement in Nigeria’s dream. So, by extension, Lagos is a dream that he is pertinent about and we will continue to refer to him as our leader but most important thing is, I am in front of you, this is who I am, this is what I have come to express to you and Lagos, certainly will be a better place to live for all us.

You are one of the aspirants whose contest is generating a lot of reactions in the country, if you are in Ambode’s shoes, won’t you feel betrayed?

That is a very careful thought-out question but the truth is, I am not in his shoes.
But the truth about the matter is, what has been generated is a reflection of how people have come to understand the person I am. A whole lot of us have to redefine the Lagos project and it is not before where I will begin to rate you debate many first that people think we are done with some other individuals, there are real people behind them that have offered those initiatives and I discovered those initiatives, that have brought out those policies, that have brought out those implementations of various plans.

There are so many first that can begin to attribute to my name in the eleven years that I have had to do with public service. Like I said, I had served three different governors; I have served two different ministries, two different times at governor’s office, heading the biggest different agencies of government.

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