Hon Idimogu unveils achievements, says he deserves a second term

September 17th, 2018

Surprisingly he emerged the member representing Oshodi/Isolo Constituency ll in the Lagos State House of Assembly. He defeated a very formidable rivalry despite the fact that he is an Igbo man from the Eastern part of Nigeria. Since his emergency as a member of the 8th Assembly, Hon. Sir, Jude Emeka Idimogu has contributed immensely to the lives of his constituents. He has through his position delved into capacity building, wealth creation, youth and women empowerment. He has been a source of support and comfort to the constituents. Governor Akinwunmi Ambode and the Speaker of the House, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa are proud to have him as a member of the House. In this interview Hon. Idimogu says he has done well to merit a second term. JOHN SILAS and CYRIACUS NNAJI report.

Sir, countdown to 2019, we want you to tell us, in the past three and half years what you consider as your achievements as a lawmaker representing your constituency

Thank, you are welcomed. To God be the glory, at least we are grateful that God, through my constituents, Oshodi/Isolo Constituency 02 people, brought me here to come and represent them in 2015, so the most important thing is that we are alive, strong and healthy, and sincerely God has helped me to achieve, well I would say, humble achievements. First one key programme I did was to give opportunity to over 345 students in, my constituents that were interested in learning computer programmes, so I was happy that I was able to do that, the programme lasted two weeks. So that is one great achievement I know I did. I donated a brand new 500KVA transformer to my constituency, Then again I was able to, through hire purchase arrangement, lease out over 20 Combi buses in my constituency which were given to lucky ones, who were using it to see how they can help themselves, and remit a token to the office.

In terms of scholarship, I have given scholarship to people in my constituency, mostly my church members because most of the times I am always with them there, and not only that, the issue of influencing the roads in my constituency, as lawmakers we don’t do roads but we influence it, like my street, 27 January Road or Alimi/Peter Agha Street.

When I came on board I will tell you God was good, I know how Egbe Road/Isolo was when I came in, somehow the governor assisted, I normally pleaded with him, that road was done, today, it looks a little bit standard, before it was no go area.

Again, I remember also, Ago-Palace Way, it was when we came in, it was partly done by the former governor, we came in and it was completed. So I will say, I thank God for his mercies. So most of the major roads in my constituency, I mean the one that leads to Ago to Cele, were terribly bad and those places were worked on day and night, when I came in.

Then currently, Nwachukwu Drive, I nominated it, today the work is in progress, Nwachukwu Drive/Olososhi Road was also nominated by me. Ifoshi Road was nominated by me, but somehow, the job has not been done, because of paucity of funds.

Then as I speak to you, Canal Estate, in Agor, after Nwachukwu Drive, as if you are going to Cele, there is a map out, it is with ministry of Works and Infrastructure but the job has not commenced but approval has been given.

Then you have Ezeagu Street in Ejigbo down to NNPC, three streets combined together; that is among the roads that are with the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure. They are three like that but those two have been given consideration, but may be because of rain or fund. I know that the Governor has given his blessings.

I have also by his grace, worked with Chivita. Chivita has helped me after much pressure to do two fantastic boreholes, in fact it cost them a minimum of N5million each, one at Isolo and another at Ejigbo. And not only that, it is so equipped that, they promised to maintain it for the next one year. So it was through my influence. Then maintenance of our roads, there is a road now very close to Peter Clever at Ajawo Estate, it was done in conjunction with my effort and local Government chairman, that road was abandoned before.

When it comes to bill in the House, Our bills are usually a joint effort. However, I have initiated several motions since I came, First, was the motion that led to the relocation of Mile 12. There was also a motion sponsored by me concerning Ladipo Market when there was crisis there and someone lost his life, I went there to see what happened, and the motion was passed, in respect that such should not happen again, and as God would have it, the Governor also ensured that the family that lost someone was given adequate compensation, in fact the needful was done.

There is also an issue, there is a bridge now, along Apapa/Mile2 Expressway, at Toyota Bust stop, if you watch that place is a death trap. So most of my constituents who cross from Toyota side to Mushin Side and vice versa, to do their business, most times they lost their lives on that road, the governor has given approval and it is embedded in the construction of the Airport Road expansion that is ongoing now.

I have also helped in buying GCE Forms and JAMB Forms for my constituents, Apart from these I still help many to look for jobs, both in private organistions and public sector.

Sir the achievement is intimidating, if we go on we will not talk about other things, now let us go to, by God’s grace the mandate will be given to you, what do you think you are bringing to the table this time around?

I think for now, with the little experience that I have, I am better experienced now than when I came in, I have a better understanding of the workings of the legislature, I have better relationship with my colleagues now, so God willing by the time we come again we will no longer be green horns, so hopefully, we will look at issues that concerns Lagos in particular, the economy of Lagos, especially, though, I am not saying Lagos economy is different from Nigerian economy, but we will jointly with my colleagues, look at better laws that will lead better the lives of Lagosians, and help the governor to achieve what the leaders of the state have mapped out to see that Lagos remains the number one in Nigeria.

Then the issue of man-hour, mostly due to high traffic, the governor is now looking at water transportation, we have to support that initiative in order to solve the issue of consistent traffic in Lagos.

We will also see how the resources that is coming to the state will improve, that is why there is need to improve on the IGR so that we can have money to implement most projects as we plan. Again we have to oversight better, especially now I was made Chairman of a committee, by his grace I am now Chairman of Commerce, Industry and Cooperative, I would try and understand how we can ensure better polices. Don’t forget that 50% of industrialists in Lagos are the Igbos, so I have to have discussion with them to see where they have challenges, so that would also help them draw closer to Lagos government, so that they can equally contribute, just to build a symbiotic relationship between them and government.

Sir, there are also some people gearing up for the same seat, as you. Sir, what is your advice, should they wait till it gets to their turn?

Well there is freedom, nobody has the monopoly of right to aspire, so I will not say they should not aspire, but it would have been nice you allowed the sitting person, who obviously, I know that, the policy of our great party, is always been possible to allow a sitting Honourable to at least go the second time, before you can even start challenging him. If he does well, he can continue but if he doesn’t do well, but at least you give him the opportunity to do a second chance. Obviously I felt probably that those competing with me would have understood this, but like I said earlier, it is a free world, they are all welcome on board, but like I said, they are all welcome on board, in the spirit of oneness, it brings out the best in all of us, I know by his grace, I will make it, because apart from God, I believe in hard work, I believe in relationship with others, especially the constituents who will determine who is more on ground, who they believe have been accessible, who have also been there for them when the need arises, so I think all things equally points positively to me.

Do you have people you want to appreciate?

I also want to appreciate especially, the leadership of the party led by our national leader, Senator Bola Ahmed Asiwaju Tinubu, the Jagaban of Africa who has always, with the wisdom God has giving him, always steers this great party (APC) to the right direction. He has been in this business and he knows it, and he continues to do better, that is why today we are talking about direct primaries, which has ensured fairness to all, everybody come and contest and test your popularity, I thank him.

I would also thank the leadership of the House of Assembly led by Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa Ajayi, who has been a pillar for people like me, and my colleagues especially some of us that moved from PDP to APC. Then we have a stabilizer in the House, in the person of Hon. Sikiru Adebayo Shonomo better known as Peperito Pepe, who by the grace of God, very soon he will be hitting the red carpet, in Abuja, a distinguished member in the making, he has been a stabilizer in this House, he is going for senatorial position on the ticket of Lagos East Division. He is a mover, today we are happier we are here because of people like them.

I also show appreciation to the Governor of the state, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, he has been a performer, working and I wish him luck and we hope come 2019 we shall all be there by the grace of God to work for the interest of our beloved state and Nigeria as a whole.

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