Ways of discouraging youths from cultism

September 21st, 2018

Having critically examined the factors responsible for cultism among youths, it is very crucial to review its consequences and discuss viable ways of discouraging it among youths. Cultism in its totality is an ill wind that blows no one any good. Its effects range from destruction of lives and properties via aggression and violence to throwing the society into fear and chaos in addition to bad image and reputation.
Seek God with a repentant heart: godly sorrow which leads to genuine repentance will bring about a sincere change that will help eradicate cultism in our society. God said in the Holy Bible in 2 chronicles 7:14 ‘if my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then will I hear from heaven, and forgive their sins and will heal their land.’ God is Lord over every situation and circumstances and He is our ever present help in times of trouble. The society is suffering from moral decadence today because it excused the Lord of lords in its affairs. Isaiah 9:6 which says that the government will be on His shoulders affirms His Lordship. Excluding God consequently ushers in God’s adversary into the scene. The devil with his three fold mission: to kill, to steal and to destroy is using cultism and other forms of wickedness to achieve his mission. Because ignorance is one of the reasons for cultism, there is need to create awareness on the implications of cultism such as truncating of one’s destiny, security risks associated with it especially during a face-off between two rival cult groups which can result to serious injuries or even death thereby making it impossible for youths to continue with their studies leading to loss a family member as well as a national loss. Moreover, poor family upbringing was critically examined as one of the factors responsible for cultism especially in such families where there is dearth of word of God. The word of God is life and spirit and in a situation where children are raised without the owner’s manual which has the instructions regarding how His heritage is to be trained, there are bound to be problems. The effect of such lapses is visible in our society today because majority see it as an unimportant issue and as such is handled with laxity. Even in cases where parents advise their children contrary to the living reality of what they watch and see their parents do is very provocative to the children which consequently breed rebellion within them, though these youths might not know that it would also destroy their lives. Thus it’s a double tragedy.
Instilling positive and high self-esteem in our youths: some youths in an attempt to seek validation from others fall prey and become victim of cultism because of negative and low self-esteem. Youths with high self-esteem are not negatively influenced rather they influence their world because they are self-confident and believe in themselves and are certain that they know what they want, what they are doing and where they are going because they have already visualized the big picture and have accepted hard work as a viable means of achieving their goal in life through the grace of God. Youths with low self-esteem don’t believe in themselves and do not see anything good about themselves which is a big lie because everyone is special in their own ways. The missing link is failure to discover that individuality that creates that uniqueness in us. Youths should be made to realize that cultism doesn’t make them unique, powerful and famous rather it dents their image and deters people from helping them and finally derails them in life. Youths should be made to know that what makes them powerful is the quality of their personality and their brain power thus their ultimate concern should be aimed at self-development which will invariably usher in riches into their lives through the grace of God and not rituals which cultism promotes and proposes to them.
Strong institutions: the high level of injustice in the society is attributed to rising of cultism among youths. This very injustice is traced to the origin of the formation of cult group in Nigeria. Over the years, there have been proliferations of cult groups rather than decrease despite the existence of legal frame work available in our society charged with addressing injustice. The truth of the matter remains that the function of the institutions of the law is being interfered with thereby weakening its legal power and denying justice to the common man on the street who is easily swayed into cultism as an alternative means of getting revenge for the wrong done to them. This barbaric and uncivilized way of getting justice is not the best option. There is thereby an urgent need to grant autonomy to the judiciary so that they can administer justice to the aggrieved thereby serving as a deterrent to potential offenders and opportunists who use cultism as a tool for criminal activities like armed robbery, rape, kidnapping etc. when severe punishment for cult activities is carried out by authorities at all levels, such punitive measures on acts of cultism will serve as deterrence to others.
Avoidance of bad company: youths in their bid to hang around exciting friends should desist from keeping bad company. There is no other way for them to know a bad friend except from the fruit they bear. It is true than friends can pretend sometimes but they cannot pretend all the time. It is not what friends say or do sometimes that matters but what they do all the times. Youths must avoid keeping bad friends so that they don’t get influenced into indulging in negative behavior. ‘Watch’ should be the watch word on the part of every parent also not just prayers alone. From the watch, parents can observe behavioral changes in their children which will suggest that something is in the offing. That is what good parental upbringing involves in addition to ensuring that children shun violence and are taught values of good morals that will help the youths to imbibe good characters.
Massive job creation for our youths: there is an urgent need to address the high level of unemployment rate of our youths. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Some youths are lured into cultism because of idleness which had resulted to abject poverty. It is so pathetic that our population which is predominantly youths are jobless with poor enabling environment like electricity, no tax incentive encourage youths to engage in different entrepreneurship. The confessions of cultists who were caught for armed robbery by the police revealed the vulnerability of our youths. They could waste human lives for any amount, as low as one thousand naira. This shocking confession calls for action in addressing the welfare of the youths. Such confession is not peculiar to cultists, one of the Boko haram suspect also said a similar amount as they are being paraded by the police.
Proper campaign on the negative effects of cultism by agents of socialization: the mass media, religious institutions, family as well as law enforcement agencies have a vital role to play in campaign against cultism among youths at all levels in the society. Youths should be properly educated on the negative effects of cultism. If individuals, particularly, students learn of the effects of cultism they will less likely indulge in it.
Effective security of our schools: the government should ensure that our learning institutions are safe for our youths. It is the constitutional duty of the government to secure lives and property. This will protect youths from harassment and intimidation from others. Consequently, it will make our youths to feel safe and discourage them from seeking protection by joining cult groups.
The government through its law enforcement agencies like the police is working tirelessly to get rid of cultism among youths. It has recorded tremendous success in its war against cultism. However, it is everybody’s duty to discourage youths from cultism for a safe society.

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