Lai Mohammed backs Village Headmaster 50yrs commemoration events

September 25th, 2018

By Nkeoma Chikwere

The Minister of information and culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has thrown his weight behind the commemoration of Village Headmaster, (VHM), at 50, because of the role this legendary drama series played in the life of the people in the past, and what it will now do, if the programme is brought back to the present-day viewers.

In the release signed by one of the surviving legends of VHM, the secretary of the planning committee, Mr. Dele Osawe, (Teacher Fadele of the VHM) stated that, “The vintage TV drama series will be 50years old in October 2018 and the surviving members of cast and crew, the NTA and relevant stakeholders would want to commemorate the 50years of the Village Headmaster TV Drama series.

Presently, history has been relegated to the background. Our culture had been basterdized. Corruption is worshiped and glorified in different forms. We have lost our past glory of honesty, integrity and cultural pride.

In the time past during its series, families were united under one roof on Sunday and Thursday evenings. Families were reminded of our Village Cultural background. After all communities started as Village, where tradition and culture play tremendous role in our life. Consequently colonial masters tapped into our administration and introduced indirect rule, which served as a dangerous weapon that was used to cow down our royal fathers and turned them to toys in the hands of political administrators of today. Corruption took over and reduced us to a society of Naira worshipers instead of God worshiper both in the churches and mosques.

This TV drama was created by late Chief Segun Olusola, but was packaged, produced and directed by Sanya Dosunmu (now His Royal Majesty the Olowu of Owu). Dosunmu with the cooperation of his friends such as Ted Mukoro, Demola James, Fela Davies, Alex Akinyele, Nelson Olawaye, Alan Aroyewu and others wrote the first 13 episodes of this legendary TV drama programme.

The Headmaster of Oja Community School is a prime move of cultural evolution. The Headmaster is a western educated and knowledgeable personality. He who is always guiding Kabiyesi and the Chiefs of Oja Society as development sneak into the Village. Amebo, in her rumour transmissions explains the importance of information and communication in a virile society. Bassey Okon/Okoro depicts queer personality in our society who is to be tolerated and patronized.

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