Kaduna 2019: Sen Sulieman Hunkuyi’s delusional halicunations

September 28th, 2018

By Danjuma Giwa

Delusion has been described by various dictionaries as a “mistaken belief that is held with strong conviction even in the presence of superior evidence to the contrary”. While hallucination has been described as “an experience involving the apparent perception of something not present”.

For anyone to suffer from delusion, or to be deluded is already a problem, but to suffer from both – delusion and hallucination like Senator Suleiman Othman Hunkuyi apparently does, is most certainly a death sentence.

Senator Hunkuyi must be excused, because more than half of the people who suffer from these conditions (delusions and hallucinations ) see things that are not there. Which is why the  Senator, whose political career  Nasir El-Rufai, the Kaduna State Governor has obviously terminated, should be pitied in his “delusional hallucinations” that he solely made El- Rufai governor, and that he would equally unmake him. The critical question is not whether or not Hunkuyi can pull off this gamble, but how correct his assertions are that he made El-Rufai ? Did he make Nasir El-Rufai, how? Was Hunkuyi not in fact the greatest beneficiary of the Nasir El Rufai movement? Before the coming of El Rufai, Hunkuyi’s political career was dead, having serially failed in his ambition to become governor of Kaduna State, until El Rufai picked him up and made him a senator.

Before now the best he had ever achieved politically was a commissionership, and that was way back in 1999.

First to challenge Nasir El Rufai, Hunkuyi needs to win the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), governorship primaries which seems most unlikely going by the preference of the “old” members who kept the party afloat, to “returnees” like Hunkuyi, who had made it a habit to leave and return to the party at will. In 2003 Hunkuyi had decamped to the then All Nigerian Peoples Party(ANPP) from the PDP and contested against his mentor Ahmed Makarfi,who trounced him. He made a return to the PDP, but like the wondering politician that he is, he was to decamp once more to the All Progressives Congress(APC), after suffering heavy defeats in the hands of Namadi Sambo,who went on to become the governor in 2007.

But for Muhammadu Buhari, there was no way Hunkuyi would ever have defeated Makarfi. The joke is that Buhari defeated a Makarfi, but Hunkuyi is the senator. And if Nasir El Rufai had agreed to a “deal” with Makarfi ,  Hunkuyi would never have made it to the Senate. In the build up to the 2015 election, Makarfi had reached out to Nasir El Rufai, who had then emerged as the governorship candidate of the APC to ditch Hunkuyi, because Hunkuyi would most certainly administer the “Hunkuyi Drip”- betrayal, without any justification. El-Rufai outrightly turned down, because it would have amounted to a betrayal. Sadly true to Makarfi’s prediction Hunkuyi betrayed El -Rufai.

Whatever delusions of importance he had about his political worth has been cleared by the PDP National Executive Committee, which flatly rejected his request for 40% of the party structures across the state, similar to what Rabiu Kwankwaso demanded and the party willingly acceded. It was the decision that eventually sent Ibrahim Shekarau packing from the PDP. Between Kwankwaso and Shakarau the PDP chose Kwankwaso, because of his political capacity. Was Hunkuyi so highly valued, the PDP leadership would have dissolved the Hassan Hyet Executive to accommodate him and his “teeming supporters”.

Hunkuyi is a serial betrayer. And the list of his victims that includes Makarfi, who made him a commissioner, Muhammadu Buhari, the president who strongly believes that Hunkuyi “traded off” 2003 victory of the ANPP, Nasir El Rufai, who funded his 2007 governorship ambition and his 2015 senate election. With such a reputation, people will dine with him with a long spoon. The obvious and only reason El – Rufai, hasn’t felt the Hunkuyi stab was because the stab  had long, long been expected from Hunkuyi, whose burning desire to govern Kaduna State is well documented.

In kaduna State it is an open secret that Hunkuyi is not in it for the greater interest of Kaduna State,he is in it for himself.

Obviously Hunkuyi miscalculated in picking a fight with El- Rufai, who is not known to shy away from one. The problem is that this is one gamble that Hunkuyi obviously didn’t think through, because he was consumed by an inordinate ambition, that he didn’t pay attention to issues that would sound his political death. He has defected to the PDP, but it’s obvious that the party leadership will ensure that he is roundly defeated, due to threats by the “real members” to decamp if Hunkuyi clinches the ticket.

Hunkuyi dumping Nasir El – Rufai can’t be because he has failed to deliver the goods. The reform of the Kaduna State Internal Revenue Service, raised the Internally Generated Revenue from a paltry N600 million to about N2billion monthly. To attract N62 billion capital investment in 2016, N70 billion in 2017 and the more than 280 million United States Dollars investment is not a joke.

Hunkuyi attempt at selling his problems with El Rufai as being in the greater interest of Kaduna State, and not crass opportunism, would remain a difficult sale, because it has become manifestly clear that he has wronged El Rufai more, than El Rufai has wronged him. El Rufai must be commended for maintaining the ties between the two families and for not visiting the sin of Hunkuyi on the present commissioner for Rural and Community Development, Engineer Hassan Othman who is his immediate junior brother and the other members of his family holding key appointments in the El – Rufai government. The senior brother of Hunkuyi Idi Othman, has been Nasir El Rufai’s friend for over 40 years.

Hunkuyi’s fatal mistake was in appropriating the victory of El – Rufai as his sole making.

Contrary to the boast of Hunkuyi, El-Rufai, like Makarfi, like Patrick Yakowa will be going into the 2019 elections not with doubts of whether he will win, but about the margin of victory, which at worst might be lower than the figures of 2015.

*Giwa lives in Kaduna


2019 Guber: Stopping impending PDP Loss In Kano

By Muhammad Auwal

Before Saturday, September 22, 2018, many observers and political watchers in Kano State and beyond were of the view that with the right choice of candidate for the 2019 governorship election, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP was seemingly coasting to victory as many indicators show that the people of the state are yearning for change. No thanks to the dwindling popularity of Governor Abdullahi Ganduje and the disappointing performance of his administration.

However, all that is fast changing now as the former governor of the state and one of the leaders of the PDP, Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso on that fateful Saturday dealt a deadly blow on the hope for change in Kano state come 2019 when he announced the anointment of his son in-law Abba Kabir Yusuf to run against Governor Ganduje in the next year’s governorship election. Though the anointment of Mr Yusuf was for the Kwankwasiyya group within the PDP, but the development sent tongues wagging and raised the political barometer in Kano because of the seeming influence that Kwankwaso has in Kano politics and PDP in particular, even though it is incontrovertible that the Kwankwasiyya group alone cannot deliver the state to PDP.

Prior to the anointment of Abba Kabir Yusuf for governorship by Kwankwaso, many held the view that the Kano Central Senator was going to endorse and support Malam Salihu Sagir Takai, the foremost leading contender in the governorship race in the state. This expectation by many was borne out of the Kwankwaso’s admiration and respect for Takai’s leadership and principles having served as local government Chairman when Kwankwaso was governor in 1999-2003 and later Commissioner for Water resources and later for Local government at different times during the administration of Malam Ibrahim Shekarau between 2003 and 2011. Both Kwankwaso and Shekarau have tremendous respect for Takai due to his incorruptibility, prudence, honesty, industry and fear of God in public and private life to the extent that Shekarau supported him for governorship in 2011 and 2015 general elections respectively.

On the other hand, some were of the belief that Kwankwaso could endorse immediate past Deputy Governor of Kano State, Professor Hafiz Abubakar, a foremost Kwankwasiyya adherent who resigned his position because of his loyalty to the group. This is a rare sacrifice that many thought would earn Kwankwaso’s endorsement for Prof. Abubakar.

Alas, at a meeting convened by Senator Kwankwaso in his Kaduna residence, attendants and the general public were shocked when Senator Kwankwaso announced his son in-law as the governorship candidate of the Kwankwasiyya bloc. This development was indeed an upset on the part of the PDP that was largely seen as the next party in government.

Since the announcement was made a crack rocked the ever cohesive kwankwasiyya group with leading members of the group spearheading revolt against the decision of the Madobi born iron fisted Senator also known as Mai Takalmin Karfe meaningthe man with iron boot. While majority of Kano people not only condemned Kwankwaso’s choice but vowed not to support or even imagine casting their vote for the PDP in the upcoming governorship election.

This new twist in the Kano chapter of PDP has worsened an already tensed situation with the return of Senator Kwankwaso which forced his longtime rival and successor, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau along with some members to defect to the APC. In the same vein, Kwankwaso’s return to the party he helped send out of power in 2015 sparked multiple court actions against the dissolution of the state working committee and the imposition of his cronies as caretaker committee members.

Kwankwaso’s handling of the PDP in Kano is generating all manner of interpretations. While some people suspect that he was blackmailed by the APC to plot the failure of PDP in Kano, others suspect plans by Kawnkwaso to fail the party so that he remain its leader, the same  scenario that played out in 2007 when he anointed Ahnmed Garba Bichi  and  lost to Shekarau’s ANPP.

Lest the PDP forget, the political history of Kano is hinged on the principles of resistance and liberty. Examples abound where sitting governments were defeated in Kano such as PRP led government of Muhammadu Abubakar Riimi (1983), Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso administration under PDP (2003) and ANPP led government of Ibrahim Shekarau (2011).

Therefore, all that is required for the PDP is to ensure that a level playing field is provided for all contestants as allowing only Kwankwaso’s choice will definitely spell doom for the party.

Muhammad  wrote from Horoto Quarters, Kano.

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