Sokoto state APC: impostors and failed Abuja politicians

October 10th, 2018

By Bashir Rabe Mani

As a befitting starter, democracy is widely defined as the government of the people, for the people and by the people. This is undoubtedly the globally, most accepted definition of the game of numbers, democracy

However, in Sokoto state APC, some doubting Thomases, impostors, Judases, power zealots, bigots and political nincompoops , as well as absentee, Abuja -based politicians, have been regrettably and ceaselessly attempting, nay unsuccessful, to draw back the wheel of progress of the party to beat, the APC. Those they always try to malign and discredit have always emerged victorious, to the dismay of the heinous detractors.

Even recently, such dastardly, though failed moves, were hatched by the ever, untiring serial wailers and failures, sequel to the party’s legally conducted stakeholders meeting, penultimate week, in due compliance with its laid down rules and regulations, as well as a preceding directive to do so.

The successful meeting was conducted in Sokoto and was presided by no other higher ranking official than the State Deputy Governor, Alhaji Ahmed Aliyu Sokoto, in the absence of the leader of the party and Chairman of the Northern Senators Forum, Senator Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko, who was then in China, on an official trip, with President Muhammadu Buhari. They nefariously sponsored an advertorial in this direction.

The advertorial was signed by eight individuals claiming to be party members and carried on page 14 of the Daily Trust Newspaper of Monday, September 17, 2018, alluding to the creation of a so called vacuum in the leadership and structure of the party. However, in a swift reaction, the state chapter of the APC, vehemently rebutted the allegations in statement signed the APC State Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Sambo Bello Danchadi.

In it, the state chapter of the party categorically stated that, there has never been such a vacuum as erroneously averred in the advertorials. It added and that the defection of Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal from the APC to the PDP has not significantly affected the composition of the leadership of the party. This can be strongly corroborated by the fact that, out of 38 members of the hitherto State executives of the party, 21 have remained with the APC, representing about 70 per cent .

On the issue of a court case, the party cannot comment on the matter because it is subjudice and the parties to it are all now in the PDP. Similarly, the choice of direct or indirect primaries, was sequel to a directive from the National Executive Committee of the party for state executives and stakeholders to choose any of the two option.

It is also incumbent to state that, the meeting was attended by no fewer than three hundred leaders and stakeholders drawn from the 23 local governments of the state.
On the issue of the dissolution of the executive committee of the party at all levels and constitution of a so called all inclusive caretaker committee to run the affairs of the party, it is disruptive at this eleventh hour. This could throw the entire party into disarray to the joy of its detractors. The same also goes for the abandonment of the indirect primaries option.

A short recast of the antecedents of the Authors of the petition will convince the Chairman that they are habitual petitioners who have on several occasions conducted myriad of parallel party primaries that were later discarded due to lack of merit.

Indeed, some of these petitioners can be said to be PDP members because they have never come out to declare their support for APC. In fact, the leading petitioner has told some many people that he is now a PDP member. As at the time of filing the petition some of the petitioners are card carrying members of the PDP.

Similarly, the twelve members of the Sokoto State House of Assembly loyal to the party have recently in a statement they jointly signed reiterated their unalloyed loyalty and support to Senator Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko and the APC.

In another welcome reaction by a concerned member of the party, Uncle Anass Dukura , he averred , ” I read with dismay a sponsored petition against the leadership of Sokoto APC under the able chairmanship of Sadiq Isah Achida and the APC leader in the State, Sen. Aliyu Wamakko on regards the affairs of the party.

“I had wanted not to respond to the issues raised as they’re baseless and lack substance. More so that it’s not a secret how inconsequential the undersigned are in Sokoto APC.

Secondly, as much I dislike discussing persona, a petition can NOT be (well) treated or responded without (carefully) studying the petitioners behind the scene. As such let’s look at the petitioners vividly:

a) Alhaji (Dr.) Ummarun Kwabo AA (Jarman Sakkwato): this is an APC stalwart. Of course, no one can deny the fact that, he had an (old unsettled) issue with Sen. Wamakko.

However, available information was that Jarma wanted to be PDP in Sokoto, but APC in Abuja. Still, that’s a no man’s business. One of his reasons is that PDP adopted his trusted boy, Mannir Dan Iya as its consensus candidate.

Uncle Anss also said, the wonderful God isn’t sleeping. At a time when the petition was going round, Jarma was seeing in Birnin Kebbi, capital city of Kebbi state, in company of the PDP presidential aspirant, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal. Some of PDP Media boys (even) reported that he defected to PDP yesterday.

” b) Sen. Umaru Dahiru Tambuwal, OON: The grievance of Umaru Dahiru was the endorsement of Gov. Tambuwal over him in 2015.

c) Sen. Abubakar Umar Gada: This one is not even a member of APC and as such, I won’t waste my ink on him. He’s an Abuja-based politician with NO link to grassroots.

d) Prof. Muhammad Lawal Bashar: a professor of Economics. He’s bewildered and perplexed. He lost political relevance, but wants to remain relevant at all cost.

e, f, g, h) Abubakar Sadiq Gebe, Hon. Abdullahi Sifawa, Alhaji Abubakar A. Gumbi, and Engr. Aminu Ganda are poor fellows who were utterly misled over the tussle.

On the issues raised. I will like to sum it up as follows:

a) Demand of dissolution of State APC Executives: the Executive members were elected in lieu with the APC constitution and INEC act. After the defection of Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, the members left behind (including the State Party Chairman) , were enough to make a quorum and decisions they take should be considered valid.

b) Alleged Secretariat’s relocation to Wamakko’s Gawon Nama’s residence: Well. As I write now, the APC Secretariat is as busy as Ariaria market in Aba, Abia state. Go to the Secretariat now and you will testify to this. Of course the residence of the party leader is also a busy house as it’s even called “Gidan Jama’a”. Notwithstanding, Secretariat issues are NOT mixed up “he enthused.

In conclusion, Uncle Anas added, “finally, the National APC leadership should understand that even though neither APC is NOT synonymous to Aliyu Wamakko, nor Wamakko is synonymous to APC, it’s good to understand that the role Wamakko plays in retaining people is second to none. None of them (not even a conglomeration of all of them), can match Wamakko’s popularity. As a human, he may have his shortcomings though, but his efforts out shadowed his shortcomings”.

Mani is the SA media to senator Wamakko

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