11 burnt in Abuja restaurant gas explosion

October 11th, 2018

Eleven people have suffered varying degrees of burns from a gas explosion which occurred at Rosy Restaurant Area 11 in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) on Wednesday.

The victims who were rushed to Asokoro General Hospital had between 40 and 50-degree of burns.

One of the victims, who simply identified herself as Ajayi, and works in the restaurant, said that they were all going about their normal businesses when the gas exploded.

Ajayi, who is three months pregnant, said that she needed to go for scanning to ascertain the condition of her baby.

The explosion affected her face, legs and hands.

She was, however, attended to by the hospital management to know if she would be transferred to where she would be given a better treatment.

Another victim, Rachael Awu, who is an attendant in the restaurant, said that she was attending to her duty when the explosion rocked the restaurant

“I was serving customers and I went to pack meal, as I looked back I heard the explosion.

“The fire started from the back of the restaurant where one of the cylinders was stationed. I was facing outside and when I tried to look back, I saw fire from the explosion.

”One of the gas cylinder was stationed outside the restaurant in the open space, and there is another gas inside where we used to put meat.

She said that the gas cylinder outside was the one that aided the fire which ignited the gas cylinder inside the restaurant.

Another victim, Promise said that the explosion was sudden, adding that he was attending to customers when he heard a loud explosion.

Promise suffered some degrees of injuries on his two hands and a partial burn on his face.

“I went to carry sachet water when the gas exploded; as I turned back the fire was already burning my hands,” she said.

Rose Kenu, a worker in the restaurant whose face was affected by the explosion, said what happened was beyond explanation.

“I was in the restaurant when the gas exploded; we were cooking inside the restaurant because that is where the kitchen is located.”

The Acting Managing Director, Health and Human Services Secretary, Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), Dr. Aminu Mile, while visited the victim, said that the circumstances surrounding the explosion would be unravelled.

He said that his office was already helping the victims of the explosion.

The Acting Managing Director, Asokoro General Hospital, Dr. Nnabuchi Chidi, said that the hospital would refer some of the victims to the National Hospital, also in Abuja.

He said that 11 of them were brought to the hospital and promised that the management would do everything to ensure they are stabilised.

When NAN visited the restaurant it was locked and no one was willing to speak. (NAN)

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