No Cabal can Hijack Atiku if he becomes President–Says Olafemi

October 11th, 2018

By Ibrahim Obansa, Lokoja.

A member of Abubakar Atiku Northern Presidential Contact Committee in charge of North Central, Chief Clarence Olafemi, has said that no cabal can hijack Abubakar Atiku if he becomes the President of Nigeria.

The former Acting Governor of Kogi State made this known yesterday while speaking with journalists on the outcome of the presidential primary election of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) which too place in Port-Harcourt.

He noted that Atiku is an independent person who cannot be coarse against the interest of the nation as it is presently with the president Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

Olafemi who is also a member of Atiku Campaign Organisation for Kogi State, added that the victory of Atiku will definitely change the game, stressing that the nation economy which has taken a down ward trend in the last three years would be revive if Atiku is elected.

“The people need to change President Buhari, the politicians have established that. Before Buhari becomes President, a dollar was less than N250 naira but today it is above N350 naira which has pushed the country into poverty level.

“The economy is bad and nosedived. We fought for change in 2014, believing that Buhari’s government will perform and liberate the people from the shackles of poverty but the situation became worse under his administration.

“Infrastructures like road have become death traps particularly Okene-Lokoja road which serve as a gate way between the North, West and the East,” he said.

He stressed that the issue of insecurity in the country is risen everyday as people could no longer trust his administration due to insecurity that is consuming some parts of the country.

“There is need to change Buhari, and it is the desire of the people for change that made Atiku to win the PDP presidential primary election because as a successful business man he will be able to turn around the economy of the country just the way America President is turning around the fortunes of Americans.

“We must create a Nigeria where people can work and do business in any part of the country. Abubakar Atiku is the man who can do it because he is a detribalized man.

“Our leaders are not patriotic. The current government should come out and tell people what happen to dollar and naira. The Nigeria government under Buhari does not have the charisma to address the economic problems and insecurity,” he stated.

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