2019: Youths hold the aces but…

November 6th, 2018

By Bello Shuhu Shuni

As the 2019 General election draws near, the campaign literature spaces of both traditional media; social media (local and international) have been dominated by same political issues..

The Nigerian youth population is significantly made up of a large proportion in the Nigeria demography, but when it comes to season of political election the youths are suffering from amnesia. They need medical and psychological rehabilitation before turning a new leaf!

This is a situation where their habit is likened to alcoholic rodents and uncivilized animals in their political activities where the unscrupulous Politicians use them as canon foldders from various political activities such as political thuggery/gangsterism and violence in order to satisfy their gluttonous appetite and to sustain their grip on the political throne.

Because most of the Nigerian Youths become helpless, mentally deranged desperate and hopeless, they use dangerous psychotropic drugs in order to behave in a very bad manner leading them to various criminal activities in the country and beyond. The Nigerian Youths use the ample political season to cause a lot of tension now that country is totally in neurotic ethnicity and religious crises which have now become the order of the day.

The Nigeria youth should not allow themselves to be used as instrument of destruction in the hand of unscrupulous politicians to create notorious outfits that are capable of unleashing mayhem across the country in order to achieve their ulterior motives. They send their children to schools abroad and leave you to your own fate. The Nigeria youth should not continue to be used by inconsequential political jejune of no value to the Nigerians, with their madness and the animalistic instincts in their brain which do not add values to this country since inception of the fourth republic.

The Nigerian youths therefore should look behind them for even the sheep in its wanderings still remembers to cast backward glance. None of the politicians can involve his son or family in the political thuggery/gangsterism and violence; it is time for the youth to jog their memory very well when the level of violence being witnessed today is very disturbing to the security of this country.

The Nigerian youth should learn from the words of Dr. Rev Martin Luther King Jr when he posited that “the way of violence leads to bitterness in the survivors and brutality in the destroyers. But that the way of nonviolence leads to redemption and the creation of the beloved community” This is more so when one puts into consideration the overall effect of violence on the growth and development of our society on the part of the citizenry. There is no doubt that thousands of lives are lost and properties worth millions of naira are usually destroyed when ever violence occurs, while on the part of government monies meant for development are regrettably redirected into the maintenance of peace and security while development stagnates.

My advice to the Nigeria youth is to shun political thuggery and violence in order to make our country peaceful. The National Assemble should enact laws against political thuggery, the National orientation Agency should make a sensitization tour to enlighten Nigerians on the effect of political thuggery and violence. Traditional rulers, religious organizations, and opinion moulder, pressure groups should preach against violence in order for the country to become African peace Pilgrimage destination.


Shuni wrote in from Late Imam Abdullahi Tsoho Area, Shuni, Sokoto State.

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