Morning people’ have lower breast cancer risk

November 8th, 2018

Women whose body clocks mean they are “morning people” have a lower risk of developing breast cancer, say UK researchers.

The team at the University of Bristol says the reason why still needs to be uncovered.

It adds the findings are important as they may affect every woman’s risk.

Experts said the study presented at the NCRI Cancer Conference in Glasgowadded to a growing understanding of the importance of sleep in all health.

Body clock
Everybody has a body clock, which governs how the body works in a roughly 24-hour pattern. It’s also known as a circadian rhythm.

It affects everything from when we sleep, to our mood and even our risk of a heart attack.

But not everybody’s clock tells the same time.

Morning people or “larks” are early to rise, peak earlier in the day and are tired earlier in the evening.

Evening people or “owls” find it harder to get up in the morning, are productive later into the evening and prefer to go to sleep late.

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