FEPSAN Lobbies lawmakers on fertiliser bill

November 14th, 2018

By Adelola Amihere

Fertiliser Producers and Suppliers Association of Nigeria (FEPSAN) has begun a final bid for the signing of the Fertiliser Bill which has been subject to scrutiny by the National Assembly for the past 13 years.

While chatting with journalists on the bill, the president of the association, Thomas Etuh said that the association was making a final bid to make sure the National Assembly pass the bill before they hand over.

According to Etuh, offenders have not been able to face punishment attached to fertiliser related offences because of the weakness of these punishments.

He added that arrests had been made over the years but the offenders were usually left “off the hook” because there were no laws to adequately punish them.

The FEPSAN President appealed to the National Assembly to pass the bill before the end of the session.

“It went to the second reading and is back to the committee. The House of Representatives has sent it to the Senate so that they can harmonise it and then pass it.

“It is at the final stage. We have taken care of most of these issues of regulation and law because that is the first fertiliser bill that will be enacted in the country and FEPSAN has been at the forefront of pushing this.

“We have been on this bill since 2005. And before you know, another set of assembly have come. Now we’ve been on it since the beginning of current assembly.” He said

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