Moghalu: The right man for the job and the most presidential of them all

November 28th, 2018

By Dan Meniru Anigbo

ICHEOKU says if there is a magic wand to wave to make Nigerians a civ­ilized and thinking people, a people who indeed truly loves themselves and their country and who desire the best for their country’s lead­ership, ICHEOKU will glad­ly deploy that power in fa­vor of Kingsley Moghalu; for Nigerians to rise above their peculiar hamstrings and various other mundan­ities and elect him their next president come 2019.

But unfortunately such a wishful thinking does not always come true, the rea­son they are merely a make believe, a wishful thinking. ICHEOKU listened to the guy for the very first time a few days ago and has also ran a quick background check on him and now reached a conclusion that a Messiah is indeed knocking on Nigerians’ door to be let into Aso Rock. But whether such a fantastically corrupt and convoluted people will hearken to Kingsley Mogh­alu’s “send me plea” to their clarion call of “who shall we send” to Aso Rock, is entire­ly up in the air.

Kingsley Moghalu is in every inch, material and particular, very presidential. He looks the part; he is sav­vy; he is erudite; he is intel­ligent; he is educated; he is well travelled; he is globally exposed; he is eloquent; he is knowledgeable; he is nice­ly well mannered; he is pre­sentable and sightly to sore eyes; he is urbane; he has the right decorum and pos­ture, admitted he could use some muscle toning to firm up and improve his posture a little more. His presiden­tial gravitas is also not ques­tionable and he looks like an excellent communicator; a charmer of minds which will be helpful in his conduct of international relations as well as cordial relationship with other branches of gov­ernment, especially the leg­islature. Such a cordiality will be in the over-all inter­est of the Nigerian public as it will help make governance easier and better.

Mr Kingsley Moghalu is the best of all the candidates who have presented them­selves for office and current­ly running for the opportu­nity to be elected president of Nigeria in 2019. But un­fortunately, Nigeria is not yet a civilized country and her citizens do not think na­tionally nor globally in mat­ters of electioneering poli­tics; and they do not always engage their cerebral cortex in matters of politics and elections. As always, tribe and religion usually get the better part of them as they are guided not by what the candidate is bringing to the presidency; but where the candidate comes from, and whether or not he or she is a member of their religious cult.

Nigeria is also a fantasti­cally corrupt society where the citizens/electorates ex­pect to be paid upfront for their votes, aware that once the politician gets into of­fice, they will be forgotten; and all pre-election promis­es made to them will auto­matically be canceled. This is why Nigerian electorates al­ways collect bribes from pol­iticians and in all forms and manners, way ahead of elec­tions; including cash, gifts, food, motorcycles, bicycles, clothing etc, because that is all they will ever hope and expect to get for their effort and votes in electing their politicians into office.

Unfortunately, the cam­paign of Kingsley Moghalu will be gravely handicapped by these extraneousness and his run for the presiden­cy of Nigeria encumbered, not by his lack of qualifi­cation but by a people who will vote their stomach in­frastructures and what their religious mentors told them. This will most likely prove fatal to his current effort, otherwise he is the presi­dent Nigerians have been waiting for, dreaming for, praying for and in fact their prayer-answered president, ever since Nigeria came into being in 1960. ICHEOKU says so many other coun­tries in Africa as well as the greater world, will jump and grab such an opportu­nity to elect a president who understands what need to be done to right the ship of the State, turn it around and steer it back into a rightful and correct course. He artic­ulated so many things which will help Nigeria get back on the right tract and hopefully help it reposition on course towards so many achievable laurels.

ICHEOKU particular­ly likes his plan to help col­lapse the 36 States structures into only six regional gov­ernments; a position which ICHEOKU previously can­vassed in few articles many moons ago. Yes, it is a true, Nigeria does not need that many States since majority of them are not viable, nor self sustaining; but useless avenues for some local po­litical lords to hold sway and waste money on useless bu­reaucracies and self serv­ing generosities. He also articulated correctly what policies that work in other countries, including Ameri­ca, where States control their resources and just pay tax­es on them to the Federal/Central government, whose responsibility will only be limited to areas of defense, foreign relations, monetary regulations and other sun­dry list as may be permitted it by the truly federated re­gional units.

ICHEOKU agrees with him that the needless intru­sive overreach of the Feder­al government on matters involving States is a big leg-chain which must be curbed, if not totally eliminated. He also spoke about oth­er things which ICHEOKU finds progressive enough, including freeing up the en­trepreneurial spirits of Ni­gerians and set them free to operate and thrive in what­ever business calling they desire to go into. To do this, banks have to be encouraged or even mandated to free their stashed money from their vaults for soft loans, especially long term loans, which industries will require to operate with.

The government can also float loans and savings banks to help with micro financing and other invest­ments related loans to help put money into the hands of Nigerians, who have ide­as on what to do to flour­ish; because when they do, they will be in a position to employ others as their businesses continues to ex­pand and thus help absorb the millions of unemployed Nigerians looking for some­thing to do that will help keep them alive and well. Then add improved road networks and general trans­portation, as well as ade­quate power supply and Nigerians can transform Nigeria into a competitive economy that will be glob­ally envied. Of course secu­rity will be improved with each regional government running their regional po­lice force and other security agencies; while the Central government will maintain a federal police with specif­ic duties including feder­al crimes such as banking fraud and matters of inter regional crimes.

Anyway, what is possi­ble is simply too good to be wished away; except that Nigerians need a thinking and intelligent president to have this mission, accom­plished. Kingsley Moghalu is a perfect choice and the right fit for the job, but un­fortunately, not in the pre­sent Nigeria as is presently constituted. The mentali­ty that believes that Enoch Adeboye and his fellow scriptural hustlers have a di­rect telephone line to God and that their tribe must produce the president, is not the type that will eval­uate Kingsley Moghalu fair­ly to find him qualified for the office.

Possibly, Kingsley Mogha­lu came a little bit too early for Nigeria or Nigeria is too way back stuck in the mire and left in the dust to appre­ciate the great opportunity which he represents. What another missed opportu­nity this will also turn out to be; but hey, it is possible that the curse of the black-man might be affecting the most populous black coun­try in the world in more ways than anyone could previously have imagine; otherwise Kingsley Mogh­alu should be elected Presi­dent come 2019. ICHEOKU says would have worked heart and sinew out to help make this possible, but not in a deaf and dumb society of too many tribal and re­ligious bigots, whose neu­rons are apparently not fir­ing correctly nor working properly well. SAD. Salute.

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