Atiku’s decisions and Gov. Wike’s hypocrisy*

December 5th, 2018

By Desmond Okotie

Was I the only one, who read about Governor Nyesom Wike’s “attempted” resignation as South South Campaigns Coordinator as splashed in the front page of Sun Newspaper last Saturday (1st December 2018)? So, Wike too wants to be consulted? What a double standard!

As a Christian, I am pretty sure Wike is very familiar with the Bible verse (Luke 6: 38), which says that the measure you give is the measure you receive.

When South East PDP leaders expressed their discontentment over the manner Atiku Abubakar named his running mate without consulting or even giving them prior information on his choice as the beneficiary geopolitical zone before announcing it, those who should know better responded by blackmailing and besmearing them in the social media. They didn’t reject Peter Obi’s nomination oo. But they were described in unprintable terms, called names, and each accused of nursing vice presidential ambitions (as if it is a crime). They were branded as spoilers and political never-do-wells asking for too much. After all, they don’t have two heads. They also have a PVC like every other citizen.

Governor Wike, who was still smarting from the self-inflicted humiliation of failure to “singlehandedly” deliver Governor Aminu Tambuwal as PDP’s presidential candidate as he desperately wanted (for whatever reason), accused South East PDP leaders of poke-nosing. After all, they facilitated Atiku’s emergence through their regional block. So, as far as he was concerned, it was very okay that they heard the news of Obi’s nomination as breaking news like none-PDP populations of Nigeria.

Wike gloated on the 1st November 2018 edition of Sun Newspaper that “the mere fact that the vice presidential candidate is coming from the South-East does not give the zone the sole right to nominate a person since the entire country will benefit”.

When the South-East said they were not consulted before Peter Obi was nominated, where did we meet as a party to agree that the vice presidential candidate must come from the South-East. But, we said, if the presidential candidate believes he has somebody to work with, so be it”, Wike added in a bid to add salt to injury.

So, I was surprised and truly had a good laugh reading in the papers how Wike whinnied, complained, and tried resigning as the South South coordinator of the Presidential Campaign Council for non-consultation in the appointment of heads of directorates of the Campaign Council.

According to the Sun newspaper report, “Barely a month after, Saturday Sun gathered that Wike is not comfortable with the way things are going in the campaign especially lack of consultations of appropriate party leaders before vital decisions and appointments are made”.

Haba, Wike, I thought consultation has become a political anathema. Why the double standard? Why are you being so “selfish”, “childish”, and “asking for too much” like those South East PDP leaders. Don’t tell me that you are not aware that whatever is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

Anyway, I am happy some senior party stalwarts have prevailed on you to reconsider your decision. Please, oga Atiku, don’t mind my elder brother, Wike. As a workalcoholic governor, he can be temperamental sometimes. When he sobers, he would remember that the Waziri Adamawa retains a blank cheque to decide everything without consultations. After all, one good Waziri head is better than 100 put together.

Okorie is a public affairs commentator.

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