How GOGAN is mobilizing Nigerians for President Buhari (1)

February 11th, 2019


In an election year as we are, mo­bilization in its entirety has re­main a critical component of campaign. From available record so far, there has been a real paradigm shift from what campaign used to be in Nigeria looking at 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015 respectively.

While others are busy waiting for a supposedly ‘Campaign Funds’ a few are making their way to stardom connecting to the critical mass with winning attitude and fundamental networking . Abuja, the nation’s cap­ital has had its full share size of these strategists from a few support groups. Not necessarily the usual hoisting of flags and banners or posters but with­in the plank of packaging-raised above the usual ordinary public awareness through profile literature’s, posters and billboards with profound contents that only suggests that Presidential election is insight.

Yes, I repeat far away from those predictable programmes of online groups that have its support base across social media platforms, Google, You-Tube, Tweeter, Whatssapp, Insta­gram, Facebook an so on, apparent­ly when and where there is data, and other analogue community with sup­port base in newspaper stands, party offices, beer parlors and sports view­ing centers, a name stands out like the Oak Tree in the forest. GOOD GOV­ERNANCE AMBASSADORS OF NI­GERIA the brain child of Chief Felix Idiga has set out an intimidating mobi­lization profile like a third force in Ni­gerian’s campaign space of the APC, after overwhelming and irrepressible Mr President’s profile, the APC and its Organs due to its reach penetration in promoting the Next Level Agenda.

A fully registered association construct­ed on the highest moral integrity as a purpose-vehicle for the desired para­digm shift in promoting good gover­nance that has failed woefully in Ni­geria overtime. The group has evenly warmed its affection into the grass­roots and amassed a cult-like fol­lowership. Just like the then Trans­formations Ambassadors of Nigeria TAN, GOGAN is at visible altitude of contact and mobilization of Ni­gerians cutting across ethnic or re­ligious lines for Buhari. Its people-centric outlook is such that has been applauded by the President and Com­mander in Chief of the Armed Forc­es, President Muhammadu Buhari as well as numerous party organs. Like a quiet storm, the support group’s Na­tional Coordinator, Chief Felix Idiga, very unassuming successful business Czar is one whose ingenuity and mile­stones of mobilizing Nigeria for Pres­ident Buhari’s re-election in 2019 has been silently on the rise with enthusi­astic agenda setting, consensus build­ing and reconciliation. The group has developed a whole new style and con­versation that captures basic political themes for 2019 campaign flowing from its patterns of information and message intelligence to style of public appearance and presentation. Its key grassroots mobilizers and bloc vot­er syndication and convergence have been reassuring. GOGAN’s sustained exposure of PMB’s achievements while developing contents around them is such that has been welcomed across board. Only recently, apart from its 36 states shuttle, the Abuja Foun­tain square overlooking the Trans­corp Hilton Hotel will for years etch a line in the hearts of its followers. It’s hoisting of Six feet balloon flying ob­jects on the air and five polygon Balloon Beam across the highbrow Gana area of Abuja is among that kind of un­common awareness that corresponds with its whole intent and purposes of mobilization for truly NEXT LEV­EL. It has drawn many with ques­tions that have attracted many an­swers in the affirmation. In its total winning onslaught against the oppo­nents of PMB.

GOGAN has through its high­lighting the gains of President Bu­hari in three and half years proved all opposition wrong by deposing their figments and unfounded al­legations just to hurt his chances in the face of mountain gains that have been recorded. In a recent town hall meeting where it was on front burn­er on the desirability of President Bu­hari for second term, GOGAN has remain consistent with applauding these projects, for instance in the ar­eas of Agriculture, Corruption, Se­curity, Transport, Power, Roads, and other critical infrastructure. It be­lieves that efficiency and dynamism by which 2019 Presidential Cam­paign is taking place is such an inter­esting one amongst others. In laun­dering and decontaminating the sour points in Nigeria’s leadership posture, GOGAN’s sustained engagement us­ing all mediums of mass communica­tion becomes essential to keep records straight and according to the front-line group, such cannot be achieved over night, the trust and confidence of the people to them is essential and that in­formed all its advocacy.

On it position to some key nation­al issues like the recent pursuing of legislation expanding forfeiture and seizure of ill-gotten assets from pub­lic officers, it sees it as another bold measure from President Muham­madu Buhari which needs to be sustained for better Nigeria under APC led government.

According to GOGAN, it is 100 percent in sync with plans aimed at strengthen le­gal provisions to prevent stay of pro­ceedings and other delays in corrup­tion trials. They believed that so far Mr. President has promised free, fair and credible election and by exten­sion promised to provide the oppor­tunity that was not given to him to his opposition in the coming elec­tion by making the Independent National and State Electoral Com­missions truly independent and free from political interference.

The National Coordinator was at many fora quoted as saying that ‘we are calling on all Nigerian is to take better introspection on the real issues that will drive the sustenance of our democracy and not the hype about divisions and hate speeches’. He states that Nigerians should have fate in APC’s ability aimed at Improving the lives of its citizens and for the citizen to keep an eye on their government, with more open access to government data, greater disclosure of government con­tracts prior to awards and during im­plementation, and ensuring the peo­ple’s business is done in an open and transparent way with the recent mile­stones on Economic Recovery Growth Plan and Ease of Doing Business.

Regarding security challenges fac­ing the nation which has drastical­ly affected peace and security which are fundamental to Nigeria’s social and economic well-being. It is the belief of GOGAN that every Nigerian should be safe and free to work in any part of the country, regardless of tribe, eth­nicity, or religious beliefs. GOGAN is deeply worried that our globally-high­ly rated Armed Forces and other law enforcement agencies are facing sig­nificant challenges on many fronts: terrorism, especially in the North­east, unresolved high-profile homi­cides and the rise in new crimes, such as kidnapping, abductions and cy­ber-crime and has continued to ex­plain to Nigerians of the need to unite and frontally fight the battle. The re­sult of an international perception of Nigeria as a failing state where violent crimes, corruption and fraud are rife is no longer acceptable with the kind of fight PMB is putting on ground. The airports are getting requisite attention, alongside the second Niger Bridge as well as numerous road projects.

On Education, GOGAN espous­es the APC plans and task of qualita­tive education and access with both school feeding, prompt salary, con­ducive environment and tools for educational growth thereby equal­ly creating incentives and dedicat­ing special attention to the educa­tion of girls.

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