Unguarded statements in the last days preceding the general elections

February 11th, 2019

Use of incendiary language have unfortunately dogged our political space in recent times fuelling the speculation that the country might implode even before the general elections.

In the past couple of days, Nigerians woke up to behold leaders of some of the leading political parties, top people in government and even spokesperson of some political parties pouring out incendiary statements that are capable of instigating violence.

Such statements not only negate the spirit of the constitution, but detract from the letters of the Electoral Law and pours bile to inter-personal communication requirements.

There is no doubt that electoral period such as we are witnessing in Nigeria now, brings with it tension, permutations and political maneuverings, but such acts should be performed within the ambit of the law. It is a big contradiction that people who seek leadership position, or people who already occupy top leadership portfolio, engage in acts that are capable of instigating violence on the very electorate who they seek to govern and from they seek political support.

What are the likely positive gains engaging in such untoward attitude or engaging in acts capable of disturbing the peace in the society? Are people who instigate violence either through their actions or statements, immune from the negative consequences of likely implosion that could arise from their unguarded actions and statement?

We need not remind anyone, none the least, political leaders, of the consequences of instigating violence in this fragile country that is already divided along the fault lines of ethnicity, religion and class. Therefore, for people who occupy leadership positions to spew out incendiary statements, either as innuendo or directly smacks of the height of irresponsibility and such people should be prepared to take full responsibility for their unguarded actions.

But, it is most unfortunate that citizens, who engage in acts capable of precipitating violence, do not have majority members of their immediate family within the country. It has been discovered that their children are either resident abroad or studying abroad and would not even return to the country to vote during the forthcoming elections. Therefore, even if the heavens should fall, their families are insulated from the cataclysm that could befall the nation.

It has therefore become imperative that the international community should monitor people who engage in such acts and revoke the visa and other permits granted their family members and repatriate them to the country should the unfortunate happen. It is important that their children and relations are brought back to the country, so they can taste first-hand, the consequences of their unguarded statements and untoward actions.

It has been discovered that politicians and other top pubic officer holders whose relations have been safely ferried out of the country, or are kept away from the boisterous society by high walls or top-notch security aparati, can afford to instigate violence, after all, their children and immediate relations are not likely to be found on the streets should the negative fruits they planted germinate.

Again, such people enjoy the ambience of public security coverage and so, are always shielded and therefore would not in any way be directly affected by the consequence of their untoward action. Such selfish individuals would not mind if the society is set against itself or if mayhem is unleashed.

It is high time the nation’s security agencies keeps a tab on the actions and inactions of our political leaders and hold them to account for their actions and inactions.

In societies where anything goes, as we have been witnessing in Nigeria, where the rule of the law is being personalized, it has become unfortunate that some unscrupulous top public office holders take the populace for granted and would not beat and eye lid, even if the very society that placed them where they are is set ablaze.

Recent vituperations of some of our political leaders are more than a disgrace to their offices and personalities and the earlier such persons are made to fully appreciate the negative consequences of their unguarded statements, the better for the society. It is expected that people who occupy top public portfolio should accord some dignity to such offices. They should not behave like motor park touts; they should see the offices they occupy as being above them and only to be deployed for service to humanity and not for exhibiting unnecessary arrogance or engaging in uncouth behaviour.

We should do everything humanly possible to compel public office holders to account for their conduct and statements. The failure to do so in the past have led us to the level of unbridled attitude currently being witnessed in our society, which remain infradig anywhere else. Such negative attitude are anathema, they do not breed progress; they are antithetical to human society and The AUTHORITY insists we put a stop to such animalistic tendencies.

Our security agencies must be made to play their primary roles and such roles include bringing top public officers to account. Anything short is recipe for anarchy and Nigeria cannot afford to witness any form of self-inflicted violence, not the least, at this fragile moment in our nation’s political history.

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