It’s time to make another choice

February 12th, 2019

The last time I checked, May 29 annually remained a very remarkable and memorable day in the political history of the ac­claimed giant of Africa.

The aforementioned day remains a moment every sane and ration­al individual or entity domiciled in the coun­try wouldn’t like to miss, because it refreshes the mindset of the good memories of the past.

It’s, however, note­worthy that the interreg­num in question can nev­er come to past if elections aren’t aptly conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). It’s only through such national ritual, the overall people can duly elect who to be sworn in by the country’s Chief Judge, particularly in the case of the Presidency.

It’s equally worth not­ing that the elections that would herald yet another transition or interregnum in the Nigeria’s leadership sphere are to be held in just ninety-six hours from now, precisely on Satur­day, 16th February 2019, as scheduled by the INEC who has the sole statu­tory right to conduct the awaited polls as enshrined in the country’s Constitu­tion.

As Nigerians in their number swiftly and impa­tiently ride to the D-day towards making another choice, it’s understand­able that a choice can only be made when options are readily available.

Hence, the electorate are meant to choose among many who they believe could effectively and efficiently govern the Nigerian State for the next dispensation. It ought to be extremely noted that this can only be done when they are aware of how best to differentiate the chaff from the grain.

This phenomenon is synonymous with those days while in the school when we usually find our­selves in the examination hall and were presented with an ‘Objective’ ques­tion paper where each of us was separately ex­pected to make a choice among the given options for the entire numbers ranging from one to fifty or thereabouts.

Aside institutional exams, virtually on a daily basis, we are all faced with life examination whereby we would be required to decisively make a choice among the available op­tions nature often brings in our day-to-day activity in a particular field of en­deavour.

It suffices to assert that making a choice is invariably expected of us from time-to-time wher­ever we may individually find ourselves. In other words, it’s not solely in the political sphere or during electioneering era we are meant to choose between two or more things or persons, as might be the case.

Since we are already well experienced con­cerning choice making and what it entirely en­tails, no sane individual ought to be referred to as a novice whenever such a term is mentioned or be­ing debated. This is the reason we are all seen as experts in any event that concerns elections.

In view of the above facts, as we are all vari­ously prepared to make another choice at the polls in a matter of few hours, we do not need anyone to tutor us on the severe consequences that await any person or group that makes a wrong choice in life irrespective of his/its status.

One pertinent and key factor to consider when making any choice is the essence of doing so. We must fully take into cog­nizance the core reason we are making the choice. So, in summary, you can’t make a choice without telling yourself what you stand to gain from the choice to make among the provided options.

The truth of the mat­ter is that, it pays to make a good and sound choice. One who made an apt choice will surely live to enjoy its dividend. Just like someone who intends to settle down, if he/she ends up making a wrong choice in choosing a life partner, they would defi­nitely live to regret it the rest of their lives. This is why proper thinking is needed when it calls for choice making.

The teeming Nigeri­ans – both home and abroad – are conspicu­ously here and ready once again to make an­other choice with a view to choosing who would be in charge of the coun­try’s helm of affairs for the coming four years.

It’s boldly enshrined in the Nigeria’s 1999 Con­stitution, as amended, that only those who have attained the age of eight­een are eligible to vote or be voted for. This implies that only Nigerians from 18 and above are constitu­tionally allowed to make this long awaited choice. This is so, to enable only those who are mature in mind and otherwise to participate in such a na­tional ritual.

Hence, since only adults are permitted to be involved in this choice making, it’s presumed that they already know what they really want. These recognized participants or choice makers, there­fore, are required to con­duct themselves in such a manner that the outcome of the exercise would be unanimously applauded by all and sundry. They mustn’t display any habit or attitude that’s detri­mental to the country’s wellbeing.

Most importantly, as this choice is being made, we are urged to have the interest of the country at heart. Thus, the country’s desire ought to be allowed to override our individual wishes. This would en­able us to make a choice that could stand the test of time.

So, as it’s obviously time to collectively make another choice, Nigerians are enjoined to do so with a true sense of maturity, so that, they won’t live to regret it. Think about it!

Comrade Fred Nwaozor


– Policy Analyst & Rights Activist –
National Coordinator, Right Thinkers Movement

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