*Jennifer Abubakar, others, reaffirm Atiku as best presidential candidate 2019*

February 12th, 2019

For Dr (Mrs) Jennifer Douglas-Abubakar, wife of the presidential flag bearer of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Alh. Atiku Abubakar, a real strong fighter is always dignified and calm. Such a fighter is guided by the fact that any expression of aggression is an expression of weakness. She believes that a strong person is not nervous and won’t express aggression towards his opponent. The person is confident in his abilities and faces every fight calm and balanced. For her, a leader with such characteristics is what Nigerians need at this moment. She alongside several millions of Nigerians across the country believes that Atiku Abubakar is the right man to fix the problems Nigerians are faced with under this current administration, writes ANGELEEN NKWOCHA.*

Jennifer Abubakar is conversant with the fact that breakthrough is born in the womb of battles, and that gold is not pure till it is refined. For her, there can be no champion without a challenge, and great men are known by their works, ideologies and policies not by their carefully edited speeches. To this end, she alongside other well meaning Nigerians have thrown their weight on Atiku’s ability to redeem the nation’s lost glory.

For her, Atiku is not only an employer of labour but also has the technical know how to move the economy of Nigeria forward. She is not the only one who believes in Atiku’s vision to reposition Nigeria.

Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo also does. Obasanjo recently launched an attack on the incumbent administration, he declared that the “self-professed integrity and morality of Buhari are fake.”
Speaking at the Island Club 2019 Quarterly Business Lecture held in Lagos, the former President, stated that Atiku will win the February 16 presidential election, because “he is the right man to take Nigeria out of its current state.

“The self professed integrity and morality of President Muhammadu Buhari are fake, his actions and inactions have exposed him,” he said.

On his part, Ayodele Fayose, former Governor of Ekiti State said Mr Atiku was a product of democracy and deserved to be elected as president.

”Atiku is our president in waiting. He is the man who can harness the talents and potential of the youth for a better future,” Mr Fayose said.

In a similar vein, Grassroots Women National Conference, has urged support for the political aspiration of Atiku Abubakar, stressing that he is the only one that can bring the desired development to the country.

The group, which spoke recently in Abuja in a communiqué signed by its National Coordinator, Mrs. Amina Jambo, said only the emergence of Atiku and his running mate, Peter Obi, could salvage Nigeria from the myriad of its current socio-economic problems.

“It is beginning to appear to us that the APC-led administration is determined to ruin this nation and place its citizen under persistent hardship.

Our debt profile has risen to unprecedented heights in a way never seen before, borrowing and spending bazaar witnessed by any administration in Nigeria history.
The APC-led administration has so far borrowed in 4 years surplus of what the PDP borrowed in 16 years with most if not all of what they borrowed can’t be accounted for.
Unemployment has not only worsened under this APC government; most Nigerians wonder where the next meal will come from.

“The government is busy compromising institutions of state, from security agencies and anti-corruption bodies to INEC. They have been turned into tools in the hands of the APC for intimidation and persecution of the opposition,” the women group said.

They said the youths and children are the worst hit category of the Nigerian masses under the present government, hence the need to vote Atiku to bring the positive change.

“We, the Grassroots women and youth of the country, have thus decided to make our voices heard in the fight to kick out hunger, killings and violence; the hallmarks of the abysmal APC’s administration.

“We hereby throw our support and weight behind the Atiku/Obi candidacy and urge all Nigerian women and youth to rise up and put an end to the reign of poverty, violence and division as witnessed in this rudderless APC government,” they said. They averred that Atiku is able to deliver the real change Nigerians desire.

A one time Chairman of Kajuru local government area under the ruling APC in Kaduna State, Mr Isa Dansalla said Atiku posses the charisma to defeat the incumbent APC as well as restore Nigeria to its past glory. According to him,

“The man Atiku has demonstrated maturity and patience in keeping the country United. He respects the rule of law which will in turn bring about fairness and justice to all citizens.

“He believes in God’s willingness upon his life, that is why he has always accept any outcome of elections he participated with good faith since the time of late Yar’adua and MKO Abiola”.

He described anyone who supports Buhari as either looking for their own personal gain or addicted to poverty, stressing that Nigerians are weeping as a result of the state of the country.

“Entrepreneurs are crying. Professionals are crying. The youths are crying. The elderly are crying. Nobody’s life is better under Buhari’s government. Establishments that should be full of activity are empty because there is no money in the country. Even the IDP camps to care for victims of Boko Haram were so underfunded that the children there are beginning to develop kwashiorkor, and this had at some points sparked nationwide protests.

“There is no contest or question. Atiku’s companies are there. His farm is there. His schools are there. He even gives loans to farmers, so they will not starve especially under this current economic situation. He is the largest employer of labour in Nigeria. He has helped Nigerians in all sectors. If he does all this on his own, what will he do as President? His achievements are enough proof. If you think it is easy, or not a big deal, try launching one successful establishment”, he said.

Jennifer Abubakar is not just ‘Talking the talk’ but ‘Doing the Talk’ she is not relenting in her efforts to make sure her husband’s dream of making Nigeria work again becomes a reality. She believes in the Atiku/Obi’s policy framework for sustainable development. This is demonstrated in her engagement in a series of Town Hall meetings with women across the South East and South South geopolitical zones of Nigeria. She has also on several occasions accompanied her husband on campaign rallies and continually called on Nigerians to choose the pathway to a viable future we all deserve by voting for quality representation.

In her interactive fora themed “Lets Talk”, she has constantly re-echoed the Atiku/Obi’s policy framework to Nigerians in general and women in particular. Her utmost dream and desire is to see that everyone partakes in the economic growth, social justice, security, empowerment, job creation, gender equality and strong governance encapsulated in her husband’s policy.

For Jennifer Abubakar, champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them, a desire, a dream, a vision, and Atiku Abubakar is that champion Nigerians needs to take them to the promised land.

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