March 4th, 2019

For being a soldier of conviction and faith, preaching truth and consistently pushing the case that it should be the valid foundation on which just and progressive societies can be built; for being an exemplary shepherd of Christ and voice of reason and moderation in a periods of crisis, Dr. Rev. Paul Jinadu is The AUTHORITY Icon.

His mother dreamt her son would be- come a medical doctor – and beyond merely dreaming – carefully planned for this important professional niche. But a higher force changed all that, re-ordered his life’s course and gave the world a very humble, exemplary shepherd of Christ. Meet Dr. Rev. Paul Jinadu.

The last of five children by his mother, he was born Mohammed Ali Monsuru Jinadu, in 1942, in Lagos, into a devout, fairly affluent, Muslim family. At the age of 14 his mother sent him over to London to school, and to join his brothers and sister who were already abroad studying.

In 1961, 19-year-old Mohammed Ali Monsuru Jinadu was invited to see a film titled ‘Miracles in the Jungle’ in Chelmsford, Essex, UK. By a coincidence there was no film that night, but there was an anointed preaching and there were signs and wonders. The young Muslim was impressed by the love and joy evident in those around him and was astonished by the bold claims of the preacher when a crippled woman was carried to the front and after prayer did not only to walk but also was able to run.

After that experience, the change in him was total and immediate. Within weeks, Mohammed Ali Monsuru Akanbi was baptised Paul. His medical textbooks were abandoned, overtaken by an insatiable thirst for the Bible and within seven, he recieved the call of God to full-time ministry and he promptly obeyed and abandoned all pursuit of a medical career.

After a time of opposition from his family, he was divinely guided to the Bible College of Wales, Swansea in 1962, and later also studied theology at The London Bible College, where he graduated in 1972. At Swansea, he majored in five principles – a life of faith, a life of prayer, hard work, study, and knowing God through the Holy Spirit. They were to become the guiding foundations of his life. In his second year at Swansea, he met Kate and married her two years later in April 1966.

Almost immediately they left for Lagos, as missionaries and began working with The Apostolic Church and then extensively with the Four Square Gospel Church as pastors and church planters. God used them powerfully in healing crusades and with students and school children. So began many fruitful years of evangelism and church planting; principally in Britain and Nigeria.

Their first son Philip was born in 1967 in Lagos, followed 4 years later by Simon. The family returned to the UK in the early 80’s for the edu- cation of the two boys, while Brother Paul established an international itenerary ministry. Both children are now in fulltime ministry with their wives.

In 1985, at the invitation of many of his disciples, Bro Paul started the New Covenant Church in Nigeria and a year later in the UK. He now oversees over 600 branches of the church in 24 countries. Rev. Kate Jinadu, his wife, has a deep passion to empower women in ministry. She also has a passion for winning souls for Christ, and helping people in rural Africa have a better quality of life.

Dr. Jinadu holds two Doctorate Degrees, one in Divinity and the other in Theology which he obtained from Trinity Theological College in America.

He marked 50 years in ministry, in 2012. In the past 15 years or so he has been sharing some of his experiences and insight into major Biblical issues and topics in his Leadership Enrichment Seminars and also tries to mentor pastors and ministers to be good men and great leaders.

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