China, EU can work together in connectivity

March 20th, 2019

Europe and China can and should work together to enhance connectivity between

Asia and Europe. Implementing BRI and connectivity therefore requires Asia-Europe

The story of the Silk Road has intrigued me since childhood. The magic of faraway
lands, traders bringing soft silk and exotic spices to countries across the long and
winding road, the thrill of cultures and peoples meeting each other across the centuries.

Through the years it has been fascinating to see how different countries have tried to resurrect that dream of an inter-connected Eurasia, with varying degrees of success.

The Chinese version of the ancient Silk Road, spanning many nations, regions and
peoples, is gaining traction across the world.

That’s a good thing. The world needs more investments in infrastructure and connectivity to boost growth and development. However, to succeed and live up to its potential, today’s new Silk Road requires a collaborative effort.

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