Use poetry to preach peace, Korea Envoy tells young writers

March 25th, 2019

By John Okeke and Ralph Christopher

Students in secondary schools have been called upon to strived to be po­ets and used it to preach peace in the country.

The Director of Korean Cultural Cen­tre in Nigeria ,KCCN, Lee Jin Su made the charge last week Thursday in Abu­ja during a one day workshop organised for secondary schools students in FCT, to commemorate the 2019, World Po­etry Day.

He urged the participating students to see poetry as a way of preaching peace in the world.

The KCCN director, emphasised the importance of poetry and how it has shaped the life of prominent peo­ple in Nigeria and other countries, like Prof. Wole Soyinka and Chinua Achebe among others in the world.

The 9th Korea-Nigeria poetry feast, is titled “poetry clinic/workshop in com­memoration of the world poetry day 2019, with the theme: Independent, Free­dom and Liberty.

The facilitator of the clinic workshop, Mr. Bashiru Amuneni popularlly called “Bash” in an interview with journalists said, “the world poetry day was instituted in 1999, by UNESCO and it’s aimed gen­erally to celebrate poetry, reading, writ­ing and all things literally and it is be ob­served by all UN nations.

Asked on how it affects the society, he said, “words unites us and poetry gives life, basically in tense of war, conflicts, peace and harmony, it is the words that the leaders a nation says that that calm that matters.

“that is why, sometimes when there is bomb blast in some parts of the country, people will expect to hear the president says something”, he said.
According to him, words is powerful and words can calm people and can also make people angry and the ability to con­trol words is very important and that is what poetry does.

One of the participant in the poetry clinic/workshop , Miss Faith Onung from government secondary school Nyanya, said ,” poetry is a very important aspect of our society and it is a wonderful gen­re of literature that deals with the expres­sion of one’s feelings. It is also very impor­tance and that is why we have a special of celebration for it.”

Speaking further she said, “I feel very lucky to have been chosen by my school to participate in the workshop, which is really wonderful, inspiring and educative. The workshop have been able to help us to learn how to be a successful poetry and the various techniques involve in writing a very good poem, as I looks forward to writing good poems.

Another participant Miss Ebirim Praise Tochukwu of the Jewel model school Kubwa said, the workshop was very interesting adding “we were taught how to express our feelings, using lines and how we can also Poul out our emo­tions and all that and it is very important

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