Reps seek to empower fishery institute of Nigeria

April 15th, 2019

The house of representatives have passed a bill seeking to esterblish the fishery institute of Nigeria, NGO for fisheries research, education and cooperative training in Nigeria with the broad functions of research experimentation, sample application, patenning education and training among others.

Speaking on the bill, the sponsor, Rep Inombek Abiante told newsmen in Abuja that the bill haven been thoroughly looked into by the house committee before been passed will address challenges been faced in the agricultural sector.

He said that the institute will conduct basic and apllied research of national and strategic importance for sustenance of brackish water culture system.

Abiante added that the institute will act as repository of information on brackish water fishory resource s with a systematic database.

The institute, he also said will direct the process of species and system expansion in Nigeria brackish water aquaculture.

The lawmaker further stated that the institute will provide for human resource development, capacity building and skill development through trains ng , education and extension.

Abiante also said that the institute will conduct research into brackish water, quality management pollution control and fisheries resources economic and marketing .

He added that the institute will also improve and enhance the livelihood of the creeks dwellers with phasis on youth and women.

Speaking also on the funding, Abiante said that “the institute seeks to draw it’s funding from around subvention from the federal government, monetary gifts, research,grants or aids and contributions from national and international organizations.

” The institute will also be funded through internally generated revenue from research breakthroughs, product and services provided at the ratio of 75%- 25% for the institute and the federal government respectively,” he added.

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