Baptism after repentance is a means for forgiveness, OO Obu

April 16th, 2019

By UjuEkeoma-Dara

Baptism of Repentance has the potency to erase sin, says Holy Father, the Supernatural Teacher, Sole Spiritual Head of the Universe and founder of the Brotherhood of Cross and Star, OlumbaOlumbaObu.

He said “The magnitude of your problems not-withstanding, if you confess and repent of your sins and accept baptism, your problems will cease immediately. This is because baptism after repentance is a means for forgiveness of sin. This therefore, accounts for the reason why you should note that except one confesses his sins, believes in God and accepts baptism, such person is condemned. It is needless for one who has not mortified his flesh with Christ to defend himself. And to such a person, there is no salvation for him. Our Lord Jesus Christ was the first man to die, and resurrect. So, He has no business with second death. That is why we must all join Him in the first death, so that we would also resurrect with Him. Except you die with Him through the mortification of the flesh, you cannot resurrect with Him and without resurrection you have perished.

He said a lot of people do not believe in resurrection. “You erroneously believe that there is no resurrection. Indeed, there is, after all the children of God cannot die. There is no other death for them except to mortify the lust of the flesh and its affection. If you do this you will live forever without the fear of death. You will recall that when that young man demanded Christ to permit him to go and bury his father first before coming to join him, Christ told him that he should leave the dead to bury their dead(Luke 9:60) This He said because, as many as follow Him, there is no death for them. He is everything to them.”

Obu advised that people should not misconstrue the mortification of the flesh to mean murder or death on the cross. It does not mean you committing suicide rather, it implies repentance from all manners of sin. It is a complete change from vice to virtue, in so doing, you would no more have anything to do with the world but rather you would walk within the tenets of the Kingdom of God.

Obu also spoke on the price for sinful acts.“Have you now realized that we are all one in this kingdom? There is no more division. Hence, I keep teaching you that you should shun class and rank differences in this kingdom for we are all one and equal. Whosoever sows the seed of discord has committed a crime. Murder, fornication, stealing deceitfulness, dupe, lies and arrogance are crime as far as God is concerned. And the aftermath of these and other such crimes is death. Your problem and indeed the present precarious condition of the whole world is caused by your uncontrollable interest in committing sins. And this has gone a long way to blind you to such an extent that you cannot see the glory of God.

Obu as his members to emulate himself. “Many times, I have told you that mine is leadership by example. I do not teach one thing and do another. I have several times told you to emulate me. Ever since I came-into this earth plane, my target is to accomplish my assignment of changing man. And I have nothing to do with sin. I have never committed sin.

My life style is a one way traffic-righteousness to the core. I do not want to have faith or hope in any man or the material things of this world. This is so because I am not of the world. Getting baptized into this Kingdom is an opportunity for you to refrain from sins because you have been informed of the attendant effects. You would not toy with this rare opportunity accorded you.

God would have asked you to accomplish great task, if you have refrained from sins. He would have in dwelled and use you to His glory for your salvation and blessing. You suffer because you are so much in love with the world at the expense of the love of God. Let the Holy Spirit direct you, and you will not be the same again. Remember you have been advised. Those who have ears let them hear.

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