Prophet Nwachukwu speaks on Easter, calls for Leah’s freedom

April 16th, 2019

Pastor Anene Nwachukwu (Oracle of God) and Bishop of RHEMA Deliverance Mission International renowned for his prophetic power, in this interview with CYRIACUS NNAJI, spoke on the meaning of Easter, What Nigerians stand to gain, activities of herdsmen, LeahSharibu’s captivity and other critical national issues, saying only God can find solutions to Nigeria’s economic quagmire. Excerpt:

What does Easter mean to the church and all believers in Christ?

When we talk about Easter we are talking about the celebration of the death and resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ, where he conquered and destroyed the power of death.

How can the country benefit from Easter celebration?

Well, not only our country benefitting, we are talking about the entire humanity. What we stand to benefit is that we are liberated from the power of death; we are liberated from the power of sin; we are liberated from the power of sickness and deadly diseases. Jesus conquered the forces of darkness by the virtue of his resurrection, so we stand to benefit good health and prosperity.

What are your expectations from Rhema members, or your programmes for this year’s Easter celebration?

Yes we have a special programmewhich is titled ‘Because He lives’ When you look at the circumstances surrounding our nation, you discover that Nigerians are suffering and crying for help, by the time you connect what is happening in Nigeria to Easter you know that Nigerian economy can still resurrect even though it is dead, and by the special grace of God, Nigeria should look up to Christ because he is answer to all, he is the only person that have solutions to economic quagmire.

Do you think Easter has impacted positively in the lives of Christians?

Yes everyone that is born-again, that has discovered God for himself should understand that if there is anything we must celebrate, we must celebrate Easterbecause that is the period Jesus paid the supreme price for humanity and for mankind so that we can rule of over the power of darkness, so that man can be liberated. In Genesis 1:26 God said let us make man in our own image, that they might have dominion over everything, you can’t have dominion if you are not connected to Christ, so when you are connected to him, he will manifest and become whom he has destined you to be in life.

It has been observed that some Christian celebrations, not just Easter, have become a period when many Christians indulge in immoralities; how can the church curtail these anomalies?

What happen is that there must be devil, but one thing is sure when you know who you are in Christ, Satan cannot manipulate your life. How we can stop evil in the church today, is when people stick to the word of God. God is our standard for living,so no matter the level of civilization we have in the world today, we always make our members to understand that civilization has not affected the wages of sin. It is still death. So when you are talking about modern world, jet age, computer age, whatever you call it has not affected what the Bible says, the wages of sin is death.

The elections have come and gone, economic hardship, killings,kidnapping has continued across the country, herdsmen have started unleashing mayhem even in AnambraState and we are warming up for the next level, where do we go from here?

When you talk about herdsmenunleashing mayhem, I believe that it is those who give them the opportunity to unleash the mayhem. You use Anambra as a test case, that they have entered Anambra, I must tell you that the intervention of Anambra State Governor helped the herdsmen, because the governor called security meetings, DSS, Police and seriously pleaded with Anam people because it was in UmuobaAnamthat they had clashes with people and three people were killed so the governor had to plead with Anabrarians, if not you know that Anambra people are very stubborn people, and at the same time they are peaceful people, so when you step into their territory they will show you the stuff they are made of.

I believe there is peace and the intervention of the governor has brought the situation under control. If you watch the whole part of eastern Nigeria, whenever you here that the Igbos are killed in Kano, Kaduna or anywhere in the North you seeat the Head Bridge in Onisha,the Hausas will vacate Anambra because there will be reprisal attack, so they won’ try such.

The 2019 Presidential Election Result is still being contested in the court and the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) is congratulating and visiting Buhari, what do you think the role of CAN should be?

Well the election has come and gone and there is a case in the court concerning the presidential election, I believe that CAN may be congratulating the president based on the level that they are trying to show they are not partial, because the bible says the person in authority you must respect him and obey him. CAN may be proving to Mr. President that they are neutral because if other Christian faith havecongratulated Mr. President and CAN didn’t come, it means they are taking side, so I think they did the right thing by congratulating him.

Your advice to your members and Nigerians during this year’s Easter

Everybody should focus in Christ, believe in him, get connected to him, get closer to him knowing full well that whatever we shall become is from him and anything that is working against us shall be addressed through him and by him for he is our banner, he is the one that has the final say, so if you are connected to him he must surely see you through.

Sir the young girl Leah is still in the Boko Haram captivity due to her faith, your advice to the government.

I think somebody is trying to be smart over that Leah’s issue.I don’t see how other people would be released and that young girl is still in captivity and everyday we keep hearing we are working on it. The federal government should do something, whatever they did to secure other girls they should also do to secure Leah, Leah must not die in captivity, I believe government knows what to do because every security report goes to them.

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