Widow cries out over death threats to her and her only son

April 16th, 2019

By John Silas

A widow named Ajibodu Victoria Oyinlola has cried out for help over the death threat to her and her only son AjiboduKehindeOdutola with his immediate family by the elders in his family and village over his refusal to accept traditional chieftancy tittle of Ifa Oracle priest.

Kehinde, according to his Mum began his ordeal when he refused to accept the traditional title of his family compound after being choosen by Ifa according to the custom of his Village and family due to his new religious belief when his father who served as emissary informed him about the elders decision .

His refusal has led to the entire elders in his family turning against him and his parents describing his action as an abomination that must not be allowed to stand as it’s consequences is regarded as dire. This consequences was said to be reason for the death of Kehinde’s father early last year after his son rejection and also led to his mother being banished from the village after the death of her husband.

Before his father’s death according to his Mum, Kehinde has been threatened several times together with his family by the elders that he will pay for his action with his life if he insist on not assuming the post of the Ifa Priest which is the family revere idol. This has led to him reporting the matter at the police station where they were advised to settle it amicably as it’s a family issue after which he decided to relocate from his abode to an undisclosed location that remain unknown to entire village elders.
According to her the elders visited her daughter’s house recently where they gave her last warning to produce her son which prompted her to cry out for help.

She said the recent visit of the elders after banishing her from the village and family compound shows that they are determined to deal with his son and are not relenting in getting him since they have been on a look out for him contacting several traditionalist across the country for help in their search as they have promised to punish him and his family heavily as an atonement for the sacrilege he has committed by refusing to accept being the custodian of the family idol. His whereabout still remain unknown to the elders when writing this story.

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