Mohammadu Bello’s infrastructural drive as FCT Minister

May 12th, 2019

By: Jamila Musa

The creation of Abuja, the Nations Federal capital territtory on December,12,1991,many efforts has been made by succeeding administrators of the FCT in fulfilling the core mandate of the FCT,which is the building of a worthy,first class city for the country.Since its relocation from lagos to Abuja,succeeding administration have started many projects and abandoned them on the way,sometimes due to paucity of funds.But since mallam Mohammed Musa Bello assumed office as the FCT Minister,on november,11,2015,the narrative have changed in the FCT as they have adopted the policy of the completions of all abandoned projects in the city and the conceptualisations of new ones and in the same way completes them.This policy,no doubt bodes well with the vision of our president,Mohammadu Buhari in bequeathing to the country,a befeating capital city.It must also be restated that the gridlock often witnessed in the city is due to the inability of previous administration to complete the roads project they already started.

The effects is that road users and visitors to the city usually ends up in blind alleys while driving in the city.The consolation is that the minister,Mohammed Bello was committed in bringing respite to the inhabitants of the city,especially the residents of Nyanya,a suburb of the city.The completion of the Gbagalape road project is a testament to this fact.Today,the FCT is a beehive of activities in what many residents describe as a huge construction site based on the numerous construction projects ongoing simultaneously in the city. Minister Bello’s purposeful leadership and visionary drive is refocussing the priorities of the FCT as an institution that will cater for the generality of Nigerians and foreigners alike resident in the FCT city.

Perhaps, this is the reason why the FCT under him can be described as a developmental, accommodative and conducive for business. It is to his credit that government institutions are working seamlessly and residents of the city have to feel secured and enjoys the services being provided.

The administration is delivering commendable services to the residents based on the commitment of the minister in actualising the vision of the president in making Abuja a home for all. Most times people attribute the performances of a leader to the number of projects he started without taking into account the ultimate completions of those projects. Now the experience of most Nigerians is that most projects are usually abandoned without nobody asking any questions. Today, across the country there are numerous projects abandoned which is the bane of our accelerated developments.

Therefore, it is a thing of joy that Bello is leading the way in redefining performances with his completion of most infrastructural projects in the FCT. This policy will bring a new lease of life and serves as an example to most state governments to follow. This administration, in fulfilments of its commitments to the people and giving them a new lease of life has paid the counterpart funds to the Chinese consortium for the completion of the Abuja rail projects which impact are unquantifiable in monetary and investment terms to the quest by this administration in making the city the first capital of choice in Africa.

The completion of the Gbagalape road projects lends credence to the fact that the city will always receive the attention of this administration in its quest to make Abuja socially, developmentally, economically and environmentally the best capital in Africa and indeed the world.

The people of Nyanya and its environs will eternally be grateful to the minister for bringing developments in its physicality them. Never in the life of this residents have they witnessed this symbolic expression of project formulation, promises and indeed fulfillments. The holdup occasioned by regular vehicular movements have now becomes a thing of the past as it no longer restricts working time productivity.

The people remain unrelenting in their support for this administration because it is a project formulating and project fulfilling one. The people haven seen the change dispensation working are now behind the government by fulfilling their own part of their citizen responsibility by guiding this infrastructures jealously to get the governments nod for more development projects to better their lives.

The Bello administration has been able to construct about five bridges on the corridor, starting from the airport up to the central business district around the Coscharis tower. Apart from making the roads accessible and free, the minister also constructed a bridge over the airport expressway, so that traffic from the airport can easily come over the bridge and then go into the expressway into the city. There is also the link road between the expressway and the international airport which is being reconstructed with one part of the road completed and the second one hardly completed.

If one looks at the access to the city through the Zuba inter-change right through to Kubwa, one would find that in 2015, there was serious traffic gridlock there because the two bridges were not completed. This administration in its bid to make navigation of the FCT roads seamless, as possible, also completed these bridges and now there is free traffic flow. The Bello administration is a listening one, and the care of the people is his legendary and this has translated to the innumerable projects for the good of all residents in Abuja.

Jamila Musa wrote in from Abuja

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