Harvest of testimonies as The Chosen holds ‘Hope for the Barren’

May 19th, 2019

From Cyriacus Nnaji, Lagos

It was harvest of testimonies penultimate recently when The Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry held a two-day International Crusade titled ‘Hope for the Barren’.

Indeed at the International Crusade which took place at the Revival Ground at Ijesha, Lagos the blind saw, the deaf and dumb heard and talked, while those who have suffered years of ailments that have defiled orthodox medicine had their various cases rolled away by the power of the God of Chosen. Thousands of people filled the camp and its environs making the 10billion soul mandate of the church a visible and attainable project.

A young man testified of having been delivered from staphylococcus on the first day of Hope for the Barren, while a17 years old boy who was deaf and dump received healing. Another woman who had Cancer, HIV and Fibroid (three in one) was healed. She testified of excreting the fibroid on the crusade ground.

Sister Ngozi Ndukanma, 48, who confessed quitting 10 years addictive smoking, said she was smoking three packets of cigarette every day before the angel of God wearing the Chosen apron appeared to her. She abandoned her Bar Business and followed the God of the Chosen.

However, the mother of all testimonies was that of 32 years old armed robber who quit the business through the power of the God of Chosen. He brought paraphernalia of his business which include native cap of charms he acquired with a ram buried alive, nine fowls and chicks for protection against gun shots. He displayed another which he called Ebiogwu which he won on his neck and that one always gave him sign whenever there was danger.

He thanked God for having saved him after eight out of their 10-man robbery gang had been eliminated. He advised intending and those who are already into armed robbery business to desist from it. The man confessed that he was release after an angel wearing The Chosen Apron appeared to him in detention and assured him of his release after 4 years of detention. He testified that after six days of the appearance of the angel, he was set free.

On his part, the General Overseer of the Chosen, Pastor Lazarus Muoka delivering his sermon told the congregants that their barrenness was over. The pastor said whatever that was causing any barrenness in their lives, that such afflictions were over. He commanded that even if the barrenness was financial, material, academic poverty, all of them should depart from the congregants. He said any kingdom, ancestral spirit, marine spirit, known and unknown demon on assignment should depart from his people.

The ace international crusader assured the attendees that whatever altar evil people tie the prosperity, womb, future or progress of his people, they have been set free.

Muoka commanded that those that came in wheelchairs should get up and work and they obeyed. He called for thorough deliverance.

He gave instances of those that God remembered and gave children even at old age. They include Sarah, Rachael, Hannah and Rebecca, who were all barren and God visited them. “Even Elizabeth was barren. God will not only give you children, he will give you nations.”

He said women know how painful it is to be barren, but having come to the crusade their case of barrenness was over. God has remembered them.

Muoka disclosed “In all these instances God always give them special children, God will give you special children. Elizabeth was also barren, and she conceived and bore John. God saw that his parents were both righteous. Whether the enemies want it or not you must conceive. God also visited Jabez, Jabez because of the circumstances of his birth he always ended in sorrow. God visited him with material things.

“God will change your situation from poverty to riches, barrenness to fruitfulness,” Muoka prophesied.

He went further “Barrenness is no more, God will bless you in all things, economically, materially, academically, socially, no affliction shall survive from today, this programme is the end of the afflictions.”

He said Jesus healed all that were sick, and a multitude followed him and he healed them all. He said “you are at the level of cruising and crushing.”

However Muoka drew the attention of the crowd that all the promises to be delivered from barrenness are all dependent of being holy. According to him, a Christian is not a sinner and a sinner is not a Christian.

He called on the people to shun homosexuality, kidnapping, bribery, cultism, wife beating, lesbianism, “If you have more than one wife, send the rest away.”

He assured the women that they will all be joyful mothers, “There will be no male or female barrenness among the chosen people. If you were barren before you are no longer barren, the book of Solomon, 4: 2, 2 says every one bears twins and none shall be barren, your portion is twins,’ Muoka said.

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