Hon Jude Idimogu, making impact, looking forward…

May 20th, 2019

By Adebowale Adejumo

In few weeks’ time, the 8th Lagos state House of Assembly will be rounded off and to pave way for the inauguration of the 9th Assembly. Among the members who have made history to return to the House is Hon, (Dr) Jude Emeka Idimogu (KSM) who will be coming in as a second term member. Fondly referred to as ‘Abundance’ by his Constituents and admirers far and near, he has found his place and his feet in the polity of the land though with plenty of room to learn. Having previously enumer­ated some of his numerous legisla­tive achievements on a yearly basis in a piece such as this, it is of noteworthy to briefly examine some of his achieve­ment in the last ladder of the current 8th Assembly.

As a close associate and aide of the quintessential legislator, I am motivat­ed to score him high on his contribu­tions to debates, oversight duties, pub­lic hearing and law making which are the core duties of a legislator. His ever untiring and dedication to duties has endeared him to more experienced and ‘ranking’ colleagues by meaning­fully engaging him in their commit­tee sometimes as ‘volunteer’ mem­ber of the committee. No wonder he was quickly consider as Chairman of the House Committee on Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives upon the dissolution and reconstitution of the Committees of the House in July, 2018, a position he has held passionately and dutifully till date upon assumption as the Chairman of the Committee. It is no gain saying that the Ministry offi­cials his Committee oversees for over­sight enjoys his cooperation and may not be fallacious that he has being meticulous in dealing with the issues brought before him by the Ministry for his attention.

A team player who has diligently participated in the ad-hoc commit­tees he has been nominated to serve. One of such Committee is the ad-hoc Committee on Budget and Appropri­ation where he has made good use of his professional background as a Char­tered Accountant. All this and more are the behind the scene duty of a leg­islators’. I have no doubt that some of these professional expertise culminat­ed in the very recent elevation to the highest rank of the Accounting pro­fession as he was decorated and rec­ognized as a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria.

It was said in Parliamentary par­lance that a Motion is as weighty or good as law most especially when passed as a resolution of the House, Hon Jude has had more than seven (7) motions passed as a resolution of which some of the motions have been mentioned in the previous write-ups. More so, are his prayers that have been granted on Matter of Urgent Public importance as it affects the citizenry of the state.

On the home front, Hon Jude has influenced projects that impact posi­tively on his constituents and constit­uency. It is noteworthy that there are feasible projects within the Constit­uency as a result of his parliamenta­ry lobbying. According to a bulleting circulated in his Constituency recent­ly with the inscription ‘My Steward­ship’, it was made known that he has recommended and influenced over 24 employments in the Civil service in various ministry and agencies just to mentioned a few as at the time of going to press and assists over 20 con­stituents through vocational training and empowerment. He has also spon­sor not less than five students’ educa­tion during the period under review.

On the political scene, Hon Jude Idimogu is endeared to many beyond ethnic chauvinism. Though there were dissenting voices to his nomination by his political party; All Progressive Congress, he was able to rise above the challenges due to his patience, persua­siveness and doggedness. The events that led to the general election was frightening, the task was daunting but all this were surmounted through hard work, diligence, discipline and un-re­lentlessness. No wonder he won his re-election by a whooping difference of 14,028 votes to the closest rival.

On a final note as we look forward to the 9th Assembly, it is right to ex­pect more from our un-relentless, un­tiring and ever committed Hon Jude Emeka Idimogu. Having garnered ex­perience and as a returning Honorable member of the Assembly, the Constit­uent cannot but to expect more of the good works he has started in legisla­tive engagements and intense lobby­ing to attract more projects. More of empowerment schemes in vocation­al trainings and lots more. He is poise to make good use of his kindness and philanthropy to help the needy and ca­ter for the less privileged.

Adejumo is the Personal Assistant to Hon Jude Idimogu and can be reached via: alandebson@gmail.com

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