Recreate new African identity for Africa reality Don charges African leaders

June 18th, 2019

By Ralph Chris-Izokpu

A Prof. of policy, defense and strategic studies Abia state university Prof. Aja Akpru-Aja has charged African leaders to recreate a new African identity for Africa reality.

Prof. Akpru-Aja made the call on Monday in Abuja while delivering a lecture as the keynote speaker at a conference organized by Center of Black and African Arts and Civilization CBAAC, in collaboration with the department of history and diplomatic studies, University of Abuja.

The lecture entitled “Pan Africanism, the African Union and continental security and matter arising”, while the conference has as it theme: “Pan Africanism and the forcing of a new African identity in the 21st century”.

He stated that, the conference is of important, because it tried to see the extent to which that history, philosophy of Pan Africanism has been able to replay in the establishment of the African Union on July 9 2002, as it was full of expectations.

He noted, that AU, was established as an instrument for forging new unity of purpose and the cooperation of people of African continent, whether they are living in the north or south Atlantic or anywhere in the world and that is why in 2006, the AU categories the diaspora as the sixth region, showing the needs to conscious tiers and reorient Africans in diaspora to believed and see themselves as parts and parcel of Africa descent and African civilization.

Prof. Akpru-Aja said, “the paper is basically a kind of review and role analysis of the extent to which the AU, has been able to promote continental security. And the observations shows that the AU, has tried in some aspects, like holding of meeting for the purposes of promoting peace, conflicts management and prevention in the region.”

“The conference seek to achieve, is to recreate a new African identity for Africa reality. And that is to say rather than Africa to continue to out source development and security, intellectualism and intelligence. It is time for Africa to provide Africa solution to Africans problems.

“This is the stuff of Africa intellectual firmet. Africa should be able to tell the story, rather than to continue blaming extra continental powers whom they described as international do gooders. The focus should be on what Africa states doing to help one another, rather than trade blame game, as if extra continental powers, own us a duty of stability and social justice”, he stated.

On Nigeria, he said Nigeria has been playing self sacrificing peace and security role in Africa, despite it has been facing the struggle and fight against Boko Haram and other terrorits in the Sub Sahara region. So, Nigeria has not been in a comfortable position to continue playing that leadership role in Africa. So, there is need for Nigeria to look inward and seek international collaboration to reduced the level of security. So that, it would be able to provide good governance, stability and social justice for its people.

It should also help Nigeria to perhaps be in a position to maintain a stronger voice in AU, particularly encourage other African States to show political commitment to funding the activities of the African Union.

Earlier in her welcome address, while declaring two days international conference 2019 open, the Ag. Director General of CBAAC, Mrs. Ndidi Francisca Aimienwauu said, the conference is aimed to re-examine the concept of Pan-Africanism and its relevance in the 21“ century.

Aimienwauu therefore described, “Pan-Africanism as an ideology emanated during the revolutionary periods of the l950s in the Americas, it was an ideology that concerned itself with the problem of the colour line, that is, racism.

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