Old Biafran soldiers claim responsibility for Buhari’s success in 2019 poll

June 24th, 2019

ISAAC OJO writes that the old Biafran soldiers have claimed responsibility for the increase in number of votes cast for President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2019 general elections.

A spokesperson for the group of old soldiers; Lt Lawrence Egbeigwe (rtd) stated this while briefing journalists in Nnewi, Anambra State Lt Egbeigwe said the old Biafran soldiers decided to support President Buhari because of his anti-corruption crusade which he said has started yielding positive dividends for the nation.

He noted that the group decided to speak up and place on record their monumental support for the president during the election before some unscrupulous politicians will take glory for other people’s efforts.

The group while congratulating President Buhari on his re-election urged him to take the war against corruption to the next level of getting judgement against fraudulent individuals who plunged the nation into her present down turn.

Lt Egbeigwe pointed out that President Buhari is the first president who is transparent with Abacha loot as his predecessors were just doing whatever they liked with the recovered monies.
“Before Buhari came on board, Nigeria has assumed a worrisome and notorious status of being the most corrupt nation in the world; corruption became the official language of Nigerians.

“It became so bad that Nigerians were made to pass through harrowing experience whenever they wanted to travel outside the country but the narrative has changed since Buhari came on board,” he noted.

He said they worked tirelessly for Buhari during the election for a second term so that he can continue the war against corruption which has done a major blow to the image of the nation.

The old Biafran soldiers however reminded the president of their entitlement which has not been paid since the Nigeria/Biafra war ended in 1970.

“We congratulate President Buhari for emerging victorious in the 2019 general elections, we worked for him and it is expedient that he looks into our case which has become issue of political campaign during every election period.

“It is corruption that is responsible for successive governments to pay old soldiers who are from the North, West and Southern part of Nigeria only to single out the men and officers who are Igbo to suffer lack and abject poverty,” he explained.

The spokesperson for the Biafran soldiers declared categorically that the restiveness experienced in the South East on the account of group demanding for self-governance would die a natural death if the retired soldiers are paid.

He however tongue lashed the Igbo political leaders getting tongue tied whenever they had the opportunity to discuss the issue of the Biafra soldiers.

“It’s a shame that we are still here talking about this issue at this point in time, if our political leaders really have our interest at heart, they should have device a way to get the problem solved but they are a bunch of self-seeking individuals who never believe in the philosophy of being their brother’s keeper.

He urged President Buhari to without any further delay pay the old Biafra soldiers so that he can write his name in marble in the sand of time and prove that indeed he is the father of modern day Nigeria.

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