July 7th, 2019


The recent diatribe against the management of the Nigeria Police Force by no other than a Naja’atu Mohammed, a Commissioner at the Police Service Commission, could come as shocker to many Nigerians. But to many of us, who are familiar with her antecedents as she known to always make unverifiable claims.

Many believe that her appointment as a Commissioner in the Police Service Commission would provide her an opportunity to contribute to reforming the institution for the good of Nigerians. This confidence was further imbued by the fact that the Commission has as its Chairman, Alhaji Musliu Smith, a retired Inspector General of Police, who is known for his integrity and commitment to service. Alas, few months later Hajiya Naja’a tu is already showing signs she is not contended with her current position.

Her recent diatribe against the force, especially its management, which was published by News diary online on June 19, 2019, showed all her traits of being just an inconsistent and a blind critic.

One of the accusations leveled against the leadership of the force, and indeed every policeman, is corruption. This to say the least is a disservice to the nation as it is definitely going to kill the morale of thousands of policemen who sacrifice everything to make us secure.

A leadership that came in at a critical moment of the nation’s history, with elections just concluded should ordinarily be given time to settle. She also claimed that officers bribed their superiors to be transferred or given “juicy’’ positions. If the Commissioner is sure of her facts why didn’t she initiate a disciplinary process against the culprits?

Hajiya Naja’atu succeeded in exposing her motive in her accusation against the police in her claim against supposed partisan role in the governorship election in Kano State, her home. If she has grudge against Ganduje she should just take it up with him. The EU report she quoted only gave example of one state and one ward.

Perhaps the most outrageous of the allegations is what she called mismanagement of information and strategy of Operation Puff Adder. It is standing logic on its head to even think that the police do not know how to keep information and strategy of their operations to themselves. But what obviously put lie to this claim is the success being recorded daily from the operation. Hajiya Naja’a tu is a beneficiary to the recent improvement in the security situation since I believe, she travels to her home in Kano.

Since his appointment IGP Mohamed Abubakar Adamu has been taking proactive measures to ensure the protection of lives and property in the country. He has also started strengthening community policing as a means of enhancing intelligence gathering.

Indeed, in the last few months Nigerians have begun to see a new police force that is ready to give service to Nigerians.

It is to the credit of President Buhari, as he said it a number of times, competence is the yardstick in his appointments.

What is expected of people like Hajiya Naja’atu is to assist President Buhari in ensuring the strengthening of institutions not to sabotage this effort for some selfish interest. If she cannot do that the most honorable thing to do is to resign her appointment.

Indeed Naja’atu is the elephant in the room that must be moved out.
Toro is a Public Policy analyst, 22 Bambari Crescent, Wuse Zone 7, Abuja.

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