9th Senate: As the dust finally settles

July 10th, 2019

Will the 9th Senate make any difference because we Nigerians still love our country despite some centrifugal forces that never want it to be together. Though we are not one in mind, tribe, religion and culture, but we believe that what bounds us together is far bigger than what separates us.

Thus for the sake of love and unity, we pray that senators of the 9th senate will have the wellbeing of the nation at heart.

Saraki’s era in the Red chambers had come and gone. During the period, we saw the good, the bad and the ugly. Whatever dividends they attracted to their constituencies for the many years they stayed in the senate are there for all to see. The gladiators who were flexing muscles for senate presidency and deputy, House of Representatives Speakership, deputy, etal, all those are over now. They are now yesterday’s men. In fact that is why I and many people from Imo state are happy with what happened to that Pharaoh in Imo state that doesn’t Know Joseph. That Pharaoh is gone spiritually, physically, politically as far as our good Imo state and Nigerian politics is concerned.

My candid advice is that the 9th senate should have the nation at heart and not to be money conscious so that our democracy can be well nurtured such that it can experience growth. We need those who will bring to the fore good parliamentary experience and who will say it as it is no matter whose ox is gored. The senate president, Lawan who has taken the mantle this time, should take his wealth of experience as a senate leader to deploy resources and everything good within his power to carry out his duties, so that it will not look like its by mere fortuitous design that made him to be there. ‘’Lawan, let it not be by happenstance but recognition of your past hard work’’.

The country needs to be fixed properly. If it is going to be the All Progressives Congress (APC) though as the court decides, let it be. Keep the country moving and progressing in all direction, not moving without producing meaningful results. They should carry everybody along.

Permit me to digress a little when Nasiru el-Rufai was the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), the territory was cleaner and well kept. Engineers seconded to the constructions company were always at work. There was a time yours sincerely found technical failure in a park opposite the stadium. He (Mallam) sent his men to act.

Mallam El-Rufia has no time for sentiment and compromise; hence they called him unprinted name. Back then, my houses were demolished in Gwagwa and Kramajiji deserves it because they had no C of Os. I did not go bananas.

To fix this country all hands must be on deck. In fact our Royal fathers should come in too. How can you tell an Oba or Emir to keep off when his house is not in order. An Igbo adage says whoever his house is in flames does not go after mouse. Let all the Obas, Obis, Igwes and Emirs look up to Sanusi Lamido as a role model. One who says it the way it is.

Let the senators not act like Pharaoh of Imo State. He said that he will not complete any work Ohakim did not complete and he did just so. Hence all the roads in Ikeduru, Urata, Ngor-Okpala (that was the former Owerri capital), Owerri Nchise, Mbaise and lastly, almighty Mbaitoli. He left all these places in this land untouched. Personally, I thank the (Esako man) Oshiomhole for the last stroke that broke the Carmel’s back. Ihedioha over, do not go for revenge, just be Mr Fix it, as I chose to call you.

JERRY LAZ is a current affairs analyst and writes from Abuja

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