Bisbam CEO clocks 50, reveals birthday present plans for less-privileged

July 15th, 2019

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bisbam Communication and Events, a stop centre for traditional marriage and custodians of Nigerian culture, Bisola Bamidele, is a mother of three, a caring and dedicated wife to a lovely and humble man, she clocked 50 on July 4. She told CYRIACUS NNAJI her plans for the birthday celebration and what she is doing in Bisbam Place.

Bisola Bamidele was welcomed to the beautiful club of 50s on Thursday, July 4, 2019 and she said there would be no rolling out of drums but that she would be going from street to street remembering and donating to the less-privileged as she was directed by God.

“Attaining 50 I feel great to achieve this, not by my power, many of my mates are far far far gone, it is God, my pillar of support, it is good to feel fifty, but I don’t feel fifty, I still see myself as 35. I feel great and I know I am expecting another 50 years.”

On her plans for the birthday she said, “I am going to disappoint many people this year. I am going to obey Gods instruction, His instruction is simple, I should go out there in the rain, in the sun to bless 50 souls. So on Thursday, July 4, this year as I mark my 50th birthday, I will be going on the street blessing souls giving all these petty traders: Corn sellers, vegetable sellers, groundnut sellers, kpomo, all these petty traders giving them N10, 000 each.”

On how to choose whom to bless she said she have them on her list already. “They are all around me. I see their struggles; I see that if they have more they will actually do more. We are selecting 20 from social media. We have also scrutinized them already.”

Her advice to other women who are successful, she answered “Before you can say somebody is successful, the person must have a successor. Why should you say someone is successful and that person cannot impact life? That is not success, so my advice to other women that have one business or the other is that they should impact life, let them give back, let them have a way of sowing back to people.”

Bamidele also has advice for the youth. She said the youth should stop running to abroad, “I know it is not easy here but if you have focus, you can make it here. I have some of my mates they wanted to travel and they actually travelled, but what we that are here achieved they have not. We have many of them they don’t even have anything up till now and they are abroad. I want to be in London, America, Canada, it is not as easy as we think. They should stay back, write down their vision and pursue their vision. A visionless man is a dead man, she stated.

Bisola Bamidele began her life journey as an alaga, a spokesperson for the parents at traditional wedding. “We compere during events, we act as intermediaries between the two families during traditional marriage events. My asoke business actually started seven years ago after I quit my teaching job. The alaga thing is almost 25 years.

“I started Asoke business, and you know asoke business, it is the same client I have for the alaga business is the same for the asoke. So when you book for your alaga, you book for your asoke. They go hand in hand and before you know it Bisbam Asoke became a well known name to the public.”

Apart from selling asoke her company also design them, “We don’t take them out so that they don’t copy our designs. I have my weavers, we have one acre of land in Ota in Ogun State and we brought in some weavers from Ghana, they are working presently for us. When we take your orders we don’t disappoint, I have my tailors, they sew for me, so that they don’t copy your design even before your event,” the soft spoken Bamidele stated.

Her advice to the federal government concerning power, she said “They have actually improved, but we want them to do more, but they need to do more, and we still have bad eggs in the power sector they need to just flush them out, you know how can you have a prepaid meter, it is the credit you buy you would use, but now they still want to technically tamper with it, so that you can always come back to them to fix one thing or the other and each time you call them they collect money.

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