TB Joshua: When Servant of God defeats demons, they transform into accusers

July 15th, 2019

Nigeria is known for their copy-cat lifestyle wherein whatever that is trending attracts others to do the same. Accusation of sexual misconduct against celebrity men of God has become a stock in trade recently. But the most disturbing was the inclusion of the name of the iconic General Overseer of Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet TB Joshua, in the whole new trade, SOUTHWEST EDITOR, JOHN SILAS and CYRIACUS NNAJI write.

Indeed it is a trying time for so many men of God in Nigeria. Their ordeal range from worsening economic condition and calamitous security challenges of the masses that obviously make up the bulk of their congregations and the arguably lack of show of love among so many men of God which has led to withdrawal of patronages from their church by the faithful.

In Nigeria quite many have found reasons to dismiss some men of God as not just fake but working to reap off unsuspecting members including having canal knowledge of their female members.

The men of God are God’s messengers on earth having such responsibilities as guiding the people in the way and teachings of the lord Jesus Christ, serving as a moral compass for society, teaching the word, maintaining high degree of integrity knowing that millions of adherents are always looking at them in emulation of their Christly conducts or otherwise.

The implication of the foregoing means that the man of God who goes by the appellation, Priest, pastor, bishop, general overseer cannot afford to misbehave in and out of the pulpit as that would spell doom not only to his flock but also to the institution he or she presides.

Recently the Senior Pastor of Commonwealth of God Assembly, (COZA) Biodun Fatoyinbo, was entangled in an allegation of infidelity with a former member of the church that has snowballed into a huge sexual scandal that many say might destabilise the church.

Not done the Social media space was set on fire days following rape allegations by Busola Dakolo, wife of popular musician, Timi Dakolo, against Fatoyinbo and since the news broke, more female members of COZA have been coming forward with alleged claims of harrowing experiences with the pastor who has now stepped down from the pulpit until issues surrounding the allegations against him have been laid to rest.

There are many school of thoughts maintaining that happenings in Christendom in recent time appear to indicate that people have no more respect for the scripture wherein it is said touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm.

More so, social media has made everybody a journalist and publisher, people sit in their homes and play with the keyboard with such aim as to tarnishing the image of men God.

It is not untrue that some of these women embark on sex assault allegations with the sole objective of monetary aggrandizement. If not how come a woman who claimed she was raped years ago continued with COZA even after wedlock, she continued to enjoy the grace in COZA until she woke up from her slumber to do a Jezebetan job.

Funny enough, for the very fact that these entire allegations did not go through legal process in a law of competent jurisdiction, another woman has come up claiming that the General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet TB Joshua had a canal knowledge of her. Not just a few saw this as laughable.

Appalling enough was the recent inclusion in their long list of accusations the name of international cleric and icon with unblemished and flawless pedigree, Prophet TB Joshua into the trending sex scandal so unceremoniously in vogue among most Nigerian ladies on rampage, who now like the devil have embarked on the mission to steal, to kill, destroy and cart away fortunes.

For close to thirty years the man on the pulpit Prophet TB Joshua has been used mightily by God, doing wonders in delivering people from bondage, demonic powers and satanic influences. He has fed millions of souls physically and spiritually with his philanthropic gestures. His Corporate Social Responsibility work in Nigeria and Africa is second to none.

Of course Prophet TB Joshua has dismissed such allegation and people should believe him when he said so because he is a man who believes that every verse in the scripture is sacrosanct.

Of course, the law should also have a way of punishing the accusers who wake up and begin the journey of tarnishing the image of others, not just men of God but also common people in the world. Many have consented to sexual activities and late rope in their partners all because of monetary gains.

Besides, social media has made everybody a journalist or publisher; people sit in their homes and play with the keyboard with such aim as to tarnishing the image of men God.

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