2019: Kogi And The Case For Aminu Suleiman

July 19th, 2019

By Olu Akindele

Kogi state has some of the best potentials when it comes to resources that can enable internally generated revenue, industrialization, foreign investments, and uniquely world class tourism.

The seeming eternal stagnation of the state in the hands of horrendously bad leaders that have plagued the Confluence State with mediocrity from “the shadow of the valley of death,” calls for concern.

To explore the untapped potential in this resources, the service of Kogi state governorship aspirant on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is needed to make the State a hub in Nigeria.

The business man who is not out to play, but out to build empires from scratch, and will go to the ends of the earth to fix Kogi state, if given the mandate. The people must enjoy the proceeds of all natural resources that nature has bestowed on them. The debt profile of Kogi state is even an insult to the collective intelligence of our people because, what were these borrowed monies used for?”

Aminu, a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and world renowned Projects Consultant, boasted that he would bring a freshness that has hitherto never been enjoyed by citizens of Kogi state.

Speaking aboard an Emirates airline flight enroute Abuja from Dubai, the aspirant, Aminu Abubakar Suleiman, said he has never thought it possible that any state could be blessed and unfortunate at the same time, in the manner that Kogi state has been.

Aminu (fondly called AAS by supporters) expressed disappointment in the caliber of governors to have led the state so far.

When reminded that many aspirants before him had made fiery promises only to disappoint the masses upon resumption of office, Surveyor Aminu said, “Only a man cursed by the gods will see the way citizens are suffering and still lack the conscience to do the right thing.”

“I do not believe that all Nigerians will make bad leaders. Voters need to just look beyond the campaign gifts and decide for themselves if they want capacity that will better their future or they want to keep being insulted by the offers of irrelevant, fleeting items that hold their future captive. As for me, I talk and I do.”

Kogi is like a state at war with herself. How can civil servants, the backbone of the state, be owed salaries for years without empathy? Do you know the level of poverty that has crippled my people in recent years? What’s the excuse? No matter how tough things can be, any leader who knows what he is doing and is sincere with himself can fix most of these issues. But Kogi has never been blessed with good leadership.”

Akindele is a freelance political reporter based in Abuja

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