Ekiye, Mercy Aghedo features in “Unbroken”

July 21st, 2019

Upcoming movie stars, Amiebi Ekiye and Mercy Aghedo were the lead characters in the new Nigeria drama series titled “Unbroken”.

Unbroken is a piece complied by Daniel Kpodoh, a creative arts teacher, Director and Choreography.

The drama deals with one of the salient issues in the society today, it directly deal’s with issue of domestic abuse taking place behind the guise of happy marriages.

The drama is about a married man Diepriye (Ekiye) who had a beautiful and submissive wife Mercy (Cynthia) who made so much sacrifice to sustain her marriage. She gave up her well paid job to please her promiscuity husband who would also treat her like a trash comparing her (wife) poor parental background.

Irrespective of Cynthia’s undiluted love and sacrifices for their marriage, Diepriye turned her into pouncing bag, battering her at every slightest excuse. Severally she had miscarriage from the domestic attack by her husband (Diepriye).

The drama also featured, Peace Egwu who played as Esosa the house maid. Esosa was the brain behind the little life lived by Cynthia. Esosa tried in every effort to save her madam (Cynthia) from her husband’s abuses and ended up being raped by the master’s (Diepriye) illicit business partner (Alhaji).

In as much as Cynthia tried to keep her marital sorrow secret, Esosa the maid divulged her master’s excesses to her madam’s friends who immediately filed a legal action of abuse against Mr Diepriye the business guru.

The drama ended as a comic tragedy. At the time Diepriye realised his mistake and rekindled his love with the wife (Cynthia), she was dying of cancer. Cynthia eventually died with three months pregnancy.

In one of the interviews with Kpodoh, the playwright, on what formed the drama title “Unbroken”. He said “Women are precious jewels to mankind. They are meant to be celebrated, women are meant to be protected. But domestic abuse affects much more women than men and many are too afraid to speak out. They are afraid, either of their spouse or of being victimized and ridiculed by society. However, as Biokpo portrayed, women have the strength to stand up against such wrongs. This is what Unbroken all is about”

On why he chooses Port Harcourt for the unveiling of the drama series, Kpodoh revealed “For a long time, it has been my dream to see Port Harcourt become a city renowned for her theatre and entertainment industry, just like Lagos.

“I dream of the day persons from far and wide, from disparate corners of the globe will come down here just to see our culture through the theatre. This desire has kept me going through thick and thin, even when I have to sponsor the events from my own pocket. No, gaining sponsorship has not been easy, but we can’t let that stop us. Perhaps, if we keep at it, we will eventually gain the attention of those who, by investing in the industry, will take us to those heights which aspire to attain”.

Some of the prominent attendees at the event held in The Arena, an entertainment hall in Port Harcourt, include; Playwright Peter M. Ogwara, former Acting Managing Direction of NDDC, Ibim Semenitari, FIDA representatives Rivers and Byelsa, Izube Spiff, among others.

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