Police declare group wanted over clash with Fulani herdsmen in Oguta

August 22nd, 2019

From Jide Soetan

A group of boys have been declared wanted over clash with suspected Fulani herders in Oguta Community in Imo State.

It was gathered that the misunderstanding was as a result of land/farm grazing dispute on the 1st August 2019 between some local boys and some Fulani tribal group whom recently settled within the Oguta Community Area.

The settlement emerged as result of the new government law known as “RUGA” which allows the Fulani cattle rearers to settle and graze in all part of the country. This new law has been resented by many community leaders because of religion and political differences.

It has been reported that the following boys by names Calistus Nwobi, Ogini-Abada Lucky, Bobby Nzeribe, Keneth Onaji, Linus Obi and Nwoke Seth Madu confronted the Fulani for allowing their cattle to graze on their land.

As a result of this confrontation some cattle’s were killed, crops and properties were destroyed as well as many Fulani men were injured and currently hospitalized.

Currently the above named boys are on the run and nowhere to be found. The public are implored to volunteer any information that could lead to their whereabouts and to contact the nearest police station.

The press release is sent from the office of the PRO Oguta Police Division, Oguta Local Government Area, Imo State.

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