August 25th, 2019


Disturbed by the persistent trends of marginalization of the people of South East in the socio-political development of Nigeria as a nation, Prince Charley-boy Oputa has prophetically stated that time has come for Igbos to give priority attention toward its unification.

Oputa stated this in Owerri as a participant to the 2019 well attended National Summit organized by Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) with theme: Peace, Security and Development of Alaigbo and Her Neighbours.

According to the apostle of Our Mumu Don Do “You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that all is not well in this country. There is nothing like one Nigeria. Charity they said begins at home. Igbos needs unity to confront the common enemies. We cannot be the geese that lays the golden eggs and yet we have nothing to show for it. And never again should the people sleep while ridding a bicycle” he stated.

He revealed his resolve to finally re-locate to Imo State and participate actively in politics alleging that most political leaders of the state are touts and insensitive to the peoples need and expectations.

In collaboration with oputa as disclosed, in his lecture titled: The Role of Town Unions on the Development, Peace and Security of Ala Igbo and Her Neigbours, Chief Emeka Diwe, the National President, Association of South East Town Unions (ASETU) said the gathering is drawn from every end of Igboland, representing various states of opinions, but dedicated to a common vision which anchors on the common welfare of Igbo people.

According to him “We are meeting at a perilous time. The still waters of peace for which Igboland was known have given way to turbulent storms of invasion, carnage and expropriation. There is anger in our land.

Recent occurrences have reminded us that when a vulnerable woman in Uzo-Uwani who ekes out a living through farming is raped and her husband brutally slaughtered, we all are imperiled, when a priest is murdered in cold blood by armed herdsmen, we all are casualties. When our businessmen across Nigeria are marked out for strangulation, we all are victims. When the discrimination of Ndigbo in the governance of Nigeria has been elevated to the status of state policy, we all are assaulted. With the gathering clouds of apprehension occasioned by all these and our people despairing, we must therefore show a way forward” he opined.

Diwe reiterated the need to sustain efforts by Ndigbo to regularly communicate among themselves and to seek common ground as a people pointing out that the exigency of the time are far more powerful than the forces that drive them apart as an ethnic entity.

The National President further alleged that “there is a plot by a group in Nigeria operating within and outside government to scare Ndigbo to intimidate them and break their I can do spirit. To stripe them of their dignity and to obviously usurp their homeland.

The ongoing onslaught, which once manifested as a genocidal war unleashed on the ethnic group in 1967 and thereafter continued through a plethora of discriminatory policies against the Igbos, represents a moment in the unfolding continuum which began since the union named Nigeria was created. Yet, what the situation demands is never a rash, emotive and unthinking approach by Ndigbo. Ibos must be tactful, tactical, strategic, visionary and roundly prepared for what they contend with”.

He insisted that “the era of impressive but bogus and complete banal speeches is over. The era of grand standing has gone. The era of struggle for fame, leadership and power has equally been done away with. It is time for Ibos to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, fold their sleeves up and begin to serve their people sincerely and spiritedly.

Ibos must at all times be guided by the truth that they are standing before history, and the fate of the millions of Igbo people who are today endangered in Nigeria as a nation will only be determined by what the ethnic group can do and what they fail to do.”

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