100 Days in Office: Workers’ welfare remains my priority – Gov Fintiri

September 9th, 2019

From Austin Ajayi, Yola

It hasbecome a tradition in Nigeria that the per­formances of most po­litical officeholders are as­sessed after three months of their election or ap­pointment.

Perhaps, this is borne out of the electioneering promises made by them before they were elected into office. As Governor Ahmadu Umuru Finti­ri marks his 100 days in ­office, he maintained that workers’ welfare which he promised from the­ beginning is already tak­ing roots. For him, it is a promised kept.

On September,6th, Ah­madu Umuru of Adamawa state, like most other gov­ernors in Nigeria marked his100 days in the saddle of the affairs of Adamawa state. How well has the gov­ernor managed the state, one may ask.

Ahmadu Umuru who is popularly known as Fin­tiri took oath of office at about 10:45am on the 29th May, 2019 with a promise to change the trend of th­ings in the state for bet­ter. “I will give civil serv­ants in Adamawa top most priority because as a civil service state, the well-be­ing of the workers will de­termine how well this ad­ministration performs. To this end, I will ensure that workers’ emoluments are paid as at when due.

Training and retraining will be a continuous thing so as to keep the state workforce abreast with in­ternational best practic­es to prepare us for infra­structural development of the state”.

Civil Service: Has the Governor kept his prom­ise?
Governor Umuru was nicknamed ATM because he has made civil servants in Adamawa smile again. ‘’This was what has eluded us for some time now’’, this is the testimony of Haru­na Dahiru, a civil servant with Adamawa state Gov­ernment. According to him “We now get our sal­aries before 25th of eve­ry month. In the last three months, the queue in ATM is no longer there becau­se you hardly get broke be­fore the salary comes”.

This same story resonates from the pensioners in the state. The arrears of their­ pensions and gratuity from 2012 was paid. Same as an­nual leave grant of civil­ servants at all level for 2018 and 2019.

Pa Edmond James, who retired from service in 2014 said “I did not believ­e it that what he promised to do, he will do because I have worked with poli­ticians in the past. They make a lot of promises but ails to achieve one even though, he did it when he was Ag.

Governor. I thought he was doing it to impress but what we are witness­ing now, shows that the young man means well for the state. Let me tell you, if anyone in position of au­thority wants to succeed particularly in public of­fice, that person must take the welfare of its workers seriously and this is what the governor is doing and I wish him the best”.

Security Challenges
The security challeng­es faced by the state at the beginning of his Administration, was enor­mous, arising from the ac­tivities of a deadly group called ‘N’Shilla Boys,’ that­ took five local government areas in the state hostage. On a daily basis, not fewer than 50 cases were reported against the boys for open­ly robbing, injuring and dis­posing victims of valuables.

The administration, sensing the impending doom should these activi­ties not tackled and nib bed in the bud, tasked the se­curity chiefs, tradition­al rulers, village heads and community leaders on the need to stop the menace.

With adequate support from the state government, the police was able to ar­rest over 500 members of the group that had been making the state uninhab­itable. Beside sthis securi­ty breakthrough, with the security master plan put inplace by the state gov­ernment and the security agencies, hundreds of kid­nappers were arrested and over 10 notorious kidnap­pers turned themselves in to the police.

The farmers/Herders clashes has also been ad­dressed through consul­tations with leaders of this groups and mass enlighten campaigns carried out in the mass media. All these measures put in place has reduced crime in the state to the barest minimum in Adamawa.

The governor’s score card will not be complete with­out the modest achieve­ment in the area of edu­cation. Governor Fintiri immediately after assum­ing office, ordered the pay­ment of matching grant to Universal Basic Education (UBE) for the state to access N8bn UBE stimulus that has been lying there over the years to improve the sector.

The Governor has also announced free education from primary to second­ary school in the state and the payment of WAEC and NECO fees for all in the state and so is the school feeding program in public boarding secondary schools across the state.


The Ahamdu Umuru led administration has granted full autonomy to local gov­ernment councils and has set up local government transition committee to conduct local government elections.

Speaking on the giant strides of the governor, the Director- General, Media and Publicity, Mr. Solomon Kumagar said “ the gov­ernor has done so well in his hundred days in office as he promised that in the next few months to come, we shall be seeing the in­frastructural development.

Like hesaid, the human capacity development is very critical in the develop­ment of our state so that is why the governor first tack­led the human capacity de­cay in the state.

He added that critics of the governor not setting up state executive Council, will soon come to appreci­ate the plans of the govern­ment. ‘’ I make bold to say some of them have already identified with the good intention of Gov. Fintiri’’.

As the governor plans to take the state to the league of states that make civil ser­vice the hallmark of development, the question being asked by observers is when will he announce his cab­inet and how will it look like? It is a promise kept.

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