Kogi Guber: I prepared for my reelection even before Buhari’s -Gov Bello

September 9th, 2019

By Chesa Chesa

Kogi State Governor, Ya­haya Bello, has expressed absolute confidence in ­getting reelected this November as he had begun prep­aration for the gubernatorial polls well even before President Mu­hammadu Buhari’s re election last February.

Bello bared his mind to State House correspondents at the weekend after he was formal­ly presented to Buhari as the All Progressives Party (APC) gov­ernorship candidate for the Kogi polls by the party national chair­man, Adams Oshiomhole.

According to Bello, although he was not taking anything for granted, he was confident that his achievements in office over the last four years were convincing enough for Kogi people to return him to office for a second term.

He particularly highlighted his being able to ensure up-to date payment of salaries, in addition to offsetting the backlog he met when he assumed office; and al­so making Kogi one of the safest States in Nigeria.

His words: “As regards level of preparedness, I am not just pre­paring now, I have been ready for this election even before the last general election that produced Mr. President, the National As­sembly and the State Houses of Assembly.

‘So, we are well prepared for the election. As for victory, I think by the grace of God it is assured. We are not going to take anything for granted. Whether the can­didate of the opposition party is strong or not, we will approach the election with seriousness and ensure that it is conducted freely and fairly and we will become vic­torious by the grace of God. On November 17th we will be an­nounced the winner.”

Asked what message he was tak­ing to Kogi electorate for the next four years, he said that “the citi­zens of Kogi State have actually seen my performance against th­e performance of previous PDP Governors. In less than three and half years, they have seen all my wonderful performances.

“In fact, starting with even the issue of salaries, it’s just that I have chosen not to speak about the is­sue of salary because it is a prob­lem I inherited.

“And in any case, governance is continuum, you inherit both as­sets and liabilities. When you in­herit assets, you make use of it, when you inherit liabilities or troubles, you try to solve it, you don’t complain about it.

“Every local government in Kogi is dotted with various infrastruc­tural development. The people of Kogi State have spoken before in the last general election, they will ­speak again.”

On security, he said that” if you look at Kogi State in the past, if you were a traveler you will hold your breath. The inhabitants as early as 6:30 they would only man­age to pray their morning prayer and in the evening they would manage to pray their evening prayer and go to bed.

“But today, even along the streets of Kogi you will see people jogging, exercise, night life is back as a result of improved security situation in the state today.

“Kogi State is the second saf­est state in Nigeria today, I didn’t say it. We have various bodies that rate the performance of various government and administration, Nigeria Bureau of statistics and the rest of them, they said it.

“So if you look at it, we have per­formed so wonderfully that the people of Kogi state are eager that 16th November should come and let them speak with their votes and I know they will speak very well and re-elect me, the APC and we shall become victorious.”

He chided the opposition Peo­ples Democratic Party (PDP) for failing to conduct rancour and vi­olence-free primary election, de­claring that such was the charac­ter of the party in the State.

“If you monitor all their activi­ties of the PDP in Kogi state, the ones I know of right from thea­ward congresses to the local gov­ernment congresses, to the state congresses, it has always been marred or characterized with vio­lence, guns, maiming of each oth­er and all kinds of attacks.

“So the outcome of that of the last primaries they conducted shouldn’t take anyone by surprise.

“So it is their character, it is their stock in trade and that is what they are known for and so should rather look inward rather than pointing accusing fingers outside”, he stated.

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