Children should be taught rudiments of culture, Hon Nsoedo, Former commissioner

September 15th, 2019

ISAAC OJO writes that the former Anambra State Commissioner for Youths and Sports, Hon Emma Nsoedo has stressed need for children to be educated on the rudiments of cultural values.

Hon Nsoedo who was speaking in a special new yam celebration he put together in his Egbu-Umuenem, Otolo Nnewi residence said failure to educate the children on basic traditional values will only spell doom for such culture.

The former commissioner said he has made it a point of duty to extend invitation to children and youths every year during the new yam celebrations so that it would be easier for them to carry on when they get old.

Hon Nsoedo noted that the traditional Jewish community would naturally train and educate their children on their cultural values no matter where they find themselves on the planet Earth.

He said that the culture of carrying the young ones along was helpful for the Jews during their 1948 independence struggle.

“Ndigbo by nature are travellers and it is a fact that we are everywhere that is habitable for human existence, it is therefore incumbent on us to make our cultural values known to our children wherever our travels have taken us to.” He noted.

Hon Nsoedo also decried the infiltration of Igbo values with culture alien to the people.

“Ndigbo are Republicans by nature, we respect the views of every individual, we don’t call people negative names because they don’t agree with our points of view but today it is worrisome that things are assuming a different dimension.” He reasoned.

The former president of Egbu-Umuenem Otolo Nnewi, Mr Emeka Okafor commended Hon Nsoedo for keeping to tradition.

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