Mission denies collecting 500 rand from Nigerian returnees on Air peace

September 18th, 2019

By John Okeke

The Nigeria’s Consul-General in Johannesburg, South Africa, Mr Godwin Adama, has jettisoned information that Nigerian Consulate officials were collecting 500 rand or to process Nigerian passengers on air peace flight to be false.

Adama spoke in a telephone interview on Wednesday against the background of a video alleging the officials collected bribe from Nigerian returnees on air peace flight today back home from South Africa.

He described the information as misleading and saying that it was a ploy by people from some quota to frustrate the evacuation process.

According to him, it is not true and a malicious intent by a discredited members of Nigerian Union in South Africa who are not on ground, but frustrating the exercise.

Adama said, “The missions work with Nigerian Citizens Association South Africa.

“The same people sent notice to Nigerians from across the provinces to park their luggages and go the consulate to travel the same day.

“This created serious logistics challenges and I had to accommodate all the women with children.

“Everything has gone on well so despite attempts by these group of discredited individuals.”

The President, Nigeria Citizens Association (NICASA), South Africa, Ben Okoli, also corroborated the consul general’s claim stressing that the report was not true.

According to him, the information is coming from mischief makers who do not want to see good from Nigerians.

“These crop of diplomats that are working in the Consulate are just great and are the best we have ever seen.

“There is nothing like money being collected by anyone; not NICASA, not even the Consulate.

“These services were rendered free of charge, no one has ever said anyone collected money from him.

“So I am unhappy with this fake news that people are just circulating. It is a lie.

“We are discountenancing the lie and it is unacceptable.”

He that the second batch of Nigerian returnees from left 12 noon South African time and should be expected to arrive Nigeria between 6 to 7p.m.

He noted that there everybody cleared for evacuation left with the flight and that none of those people was left behind in that country.

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