Council poll: Rural development will top my agenda – Ifan

October 11th, 2019

Hon. Terkimbi Ifan (Bobby), served as Senior Special Assistant on politics to immediate past Governor Of Benue State, Gabriel Suswam. He ran unsuccessfully for the chairmanship Of Makurdi LGA during the last council polls in the state, a position he has given another shot at on the platform of the PDP. He spoke exclusively With AUSTINE TULE, shortly after declaring his interest in Makurdi

You ran for this same [position during the last LG election, and you have staged another move to pick the PDP ticket, why do you so desire to be Markurdi LGA chairman, and how confident are you to pick the ticket this time around

I have spoken about this at various for a, but for the sake of this chat let me still re-echo this. I don’t want to be seen as one of those politicians who make promises and at the end of the day are not able to live up to them and then it becomes a problem. I have lived all my life in Benue excerpt on very few occasions when some necessities would take me out of here but, largely I remain a ‘ Home Boy’ and having been around my people and also been opportune to have participated in the political proceed begging from the botched Abacha era, under the tutelage of highly experienced politicians at the time, I can conveniently tell you that through my engagements with my people, I have come face to face with those basic things that would help make life more meaningful for them. The challenges in rural areas are virtually the same, you talk about primary health care, rural roads, water, education and of cause, the welfare of your members of staff, so if by the grace of God am elected, I shall use my understanding of my People’s priorities in terms of needs, thriving within the resources available at my disposal towards seen that some of these challenges are tackled head-long.

On your question that bothered on confidence, yes, I’m very confident going into this election. I have all it takes to serve my people, I have paid my dues as a young politician, one that has served both the youth and the elders and I think it is my belief that our Stakeholders’ in who’s respect I never lost faith in the party even when I lost during the last election will also try to pay me back over my sacrifice to the party beginning from 1999 to date and of cause, I’m also favour by the zoning arrangement just, I wouldn’t want to bother you with such details here. All I’m begging the leadership of the party and stakeholders is that a level playing ground be provided for all aspirants so that the will of the people will be seen to have been allowed to prevail at the end of the day.

Some people have argued that been a metropolitan council, most chairmen do not perform because most of the tasked are been taken care of by the state government

Only those who are not conversant with the Makurdi local government can make such assertions. We have a very good number of our people living in the rural areas with various challenges associated with rural life, for instance, if you go to Mbalagh in the North Bank are, you have a good number of rural settlements as big as council wards, the same goes for Makurdi South and so a lot has to be done and I honestly want to belive that what needs to be done in the rural areas of this local government is far more huge that what you see in the few council wards in the metropolis.

With the lean resources of Local Council’s in Benue, how do you hope to achieve all this

Like I said before, I will look inward and one of the ways I hope to achieve this is to think out of the box, I hope to work very closely with the various committees that I shall set up if elected to help me achieve on my target. In the area of revenue generation, I hope to work very closely with all stakeholders here in Makurdi in a very transparent manner that will ensure openness and probity. Stakeholders will be made to know exactly what will be coming in and also how such funds will be used to avoid suspicion, I will make the development of this place a top priority and so monies coming in would be re-channelled into other areas of priority for the development of the local government.

Your advice to members of your party as preparations for the election hits up

They should keep faith with my candidature and the party. The PDP remains the best option for the people of this state, Governor Samuel Ortom is poised towards delivering on the mandate of the people. even in the face of propaganda and high- level mischief from enemies of the state, he was re-elected overwhelmingly and like the governor has always said, it is now pay back time for him to the people of Benue State and so my advise basically is that we give the governor, the PDP and all those appointed and also elected on it’s platform the needed support that will enable them succeed.

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