Rev Anosike reveals reason he chose Pastor Muoka as Spiritual father

November 3rd, 2019

The General Overseer and Pastor of Rock of Victory Ministry International, Johannesburg South Africa, Rev Francis Onyekachi Anosike, at the recently organized International Crusade of the Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry in Ijesha, Lagos, made a revelation on reasons he submitted himself as a spiritual son to Pastor Lazarus Muoka of the Lords Chosen. CYRIACUS NNAJI writes.

The Crusade titled ‘That Yoke Must Break’ was attended by thousands of men and women from across the globe.

It witnessed a bouquet of miracles as people who have been under the torment of the devil regained freedom at the spoken word of the man of God, Pastor, Lazarus Muoka, the General Overseer of the church.

Josephine Ani testified how evil spirit that told her she would not conceive was cast out before she conceived; Chibueze Njoku, 1st Class graduate from Faculty of Law and overall best graduating student, Anambra State University, owed his success to God of Chosen; Chukwudi CY testified how he survived several gunshots by shouting ‘I am a Chosen’, a man whose manhood disappeared testified how God restored it, while another, 45 years hunchback woman testified how she was delivered from the bondage.

As though that was not enough, immediately the man of God, the ace Evangelizer and international Crusader, mounted the pulpit he spoke the word and instant miracles took place. Deaf and dump received healing, those in clutches dropped their clutches, 16 years spinal cord injury gone, loss of memory, elephantiasis, liver, kidney, cancer, HIV/AIDS were testified to have been rolled away instantly.

Muoka call on people of the world to desist from committing sin, insisting that a sinner is not a Christian and a Christian is not a sinner. Fornicators, adulterer, alcoholic, armed robbers, lesbians, homosexuals, backbiters; bearers of false witness, kidnappers and those into different kinds of sin should repent and come to God, he stated.

While giving his own testimony, Rev Francis Onyekachi Anosike, the General Overseer of Rock of Victory Ministry International, Johannesburg South Africa talked to the media why he is submitting his ministry to the Lords Chosen.

“I am submitting my church to the Lords Chosen by God’s divine direction, by Gods divine instructions, I didn’t move by sight, I am a man that spend time to pray before I make any move, especially in the things of the spirit and in the things of God. So I spend my time to pray. In the midst of prayers, the lord opened my eyes and I saw the man in the suit. I saw my father in the lord. And the encounter that I had with him, was divine, it was so powerful, so when I woke up, I heard that clear voice that told me, that is your spiritual father, that you must submit.”

Anosike said the encounter took place in 2009 and till date he has not had reason to regret his decision. “No, rather I keep having more encounters with my spiritual father, spiritually, physically, financially, materially, in all ramifications, from glory to glory; to confirm what the lord told me, he has moved us from glory to glory.

“Any time we have serious problem immediately daddy opens his mouth, there will be divine solution instantly. So the lord has proven it to me, he has confirmed it, my father in the lord, daddy is my spiritual father, that we must submit. And he has confirmed it to me in different ways.”

On the question if his church has changed its name he said “No, the Rock of Victory Ministries submitted under the coverage of the Lords Chosen. In terms of management, we manage our ministry, but spiritually, we are under the management of the Lords Chosen”

Anosike who has been in South Africa for more than 16 years said
“All our members worldwide, we have branches in South Africa, in Canada, all our branches all over the world, they are aware that the Lords Chosen is our spiritual home.”

On changing the doctrine of his church to that of the Lords Chosen he said “Well, I am originally from Deeper Life Bible Church, I was a worker in deeper life bible church for many years, so I have been a worker in Deeper Life, and that doctrine of deeper life we kept it up till today. You know that deeper life doctrine and Lords Chosen doctrines are similar in terms of dressing and attitude. When you come to our church all the workers, prayer worriers, you cannot be a prayer warrior in my church without the standard of the Lords Chosen, you cannot be an usher, you cannot be in the praise team, you cannot occupy a top position in my church, if you are not keeping up to the standard of the Lords Chosen
You know church, we have more than 8000 sitter church in South Africa, you cannot force everybody, but by the grace of God, we preach the truth, and by the grace of God we are mange to convert most of them to the standard.

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