Prophet attributes Nigerian woes to FESTA ‘77, says God appoints bad leaders to punish the nation

December 2nd, 2019

By Cyriacus Nnaji

Bishop (Prophet) Olufemi Otusanya, popularly known as Omo Majemu, the General Overseer of True Covenant Church of God, has disclosed that the problems of Nigeria began since Nigeria’s Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC ’77).

He maintained that the nation committed an atrocity against God as a result of which, God has deliberately been appointing wrong leaders for the nation in order to punish it.

Bishop Otusanya made this revelation while speaking to the media at the International Headquarters of the Church in Ikorodu, Lagos recently.

“We are serving God, but we made a mistake in the past, and that is why I said, the inability of Nigeria to move forward, or to be successful, is traceable to FESTAC ‘ 77. Before FESTAC ‘77, Nigeria was well constructed and everything was going on fine. Immediately after Festac ‘77, even till 80s problem started, because then, may be they did it for tourism or because of culture, but to God it is not like that, because it is God that searches the heart.

“Telling all the African countries to bring their gods to your nation, to come and worship there, and never allowed all Nigerians, one day, let us fast for a day or let us gather ourselves one day and praise the almighty God, the one that created heaven and earth, and you know according to Exodus Chapter 20, God said, do not have any other God, If you trace Nigeria problems you know that the problem started from there.

“And from that God was the one that is appointing all the leaders, and what God did was to give us wrong leaders, God has done it for the Isrealites before, He appointed leaders that will suffer them. God did it knowingly, deliberately,” he stressed.

Otusanya who has branches all over Lagos State, South Africa and Republic of Benin, said he has travelled to many parts of the world and came to the conclusion that Nigeria needs God “When I am going from one country to another, I have been to Asia, many African countries, I can see that Nigeria needs God.

One of the youngest Bishops in Nigeria, Otusanya relived his experience from International Conference for Christian Communicators which was held in Budapest, Hungary of which he was a participant.

“It involves journalists from Europe, also men of God, majorly men of God and Journalist from different countries of the world. We had Japan, Pakistan, European countries. So I am, out of the two men of God that came from Nigeria, I am one of them. It was a very lovable conference. I put in my idea also and I really thank God that they appreciated our contributions.

“I met a Bishop from India, he gave an invitation to come to India to minister, there is another one from Pakistan, and once I leave India I have to go to Pakistan for a Crusade. There is another from England that also invited me to come and minister, so we met a lot of people, it was so awesome. The Hungarians are very good people, they love one another and they love blacks also. If you ask them for direction, they stay and search the internet, even if it takes them 30 minutes. You can see they are very lovable. As you know, Europe is not like Nigeria, everything is somehow perfect there. But we have to come back to Nigeria.”

On how what was discussed at the conference affected Nigeria, he answered, “Yes, they talked about prosperity, success, success in the ministry and success of the nation. How does success affect the nation and the ministry? A man of God from Ghana spoke on that especially about Africa and we supported his ideas on that. Talking about Nigeria and other African countries, we lack a lot of success, when it comes to national success. What I remember vividly is that they mentioned three basic things. Number one, fear of God, most of our leaders they don’t have fear of God, second they don’t put the populace first, that what we need for Africa to be successful is God, because the bible says when righteousness leads the people enjoy, but if the person leading is not righteous, then the people suffer, and that is what is happening in Nigeria.

“You see, America and most of the European countries, they are Christians and things are working and they are enjoying, Saudi-Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, Cater, that fear God, they are okay.

“We are serving God, but we made a mistake in the past, and that is why I said, if you trace the inability of Nigeria to move forward, or to be successful, it is traceable to FESTA 77,”Otusanya maintained

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