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The Authority Icon: NGOZI EZEONU

The Authority Icon:  NGOZI EZEONU
For bringing a significant touch of class, alluring panache and captivating verve to Nollywood, ultimately leveraging the industry to compete with Hollywood and India’s Bollywood; for her regal decorum and creativity – lighting up the movie landscape and using the movie medium to inspire society in a challenging period, Ngozi Ezeonu is The AUTHORITY Icon.
She is untainted by scandals, highly relevant and hugely in­fluential in the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood and is also a role model to up-coming actresses. Meet Actress Ngozi Ezeonu.
An indigene of Ogbunike in Anam­bra State, she was born on May 23, 1965, to Mr. and Mrs. D.O. Ikpelue. After a stint as a hair stylist, her first paying job, she obtained a Diploma Degree in Journalism subsequently working as a Journalist. Perhaps, at the behest of providence, she only practiced journalism for a short while, before joining Nollywood in 1993.
That year she was introduced into Nollywood by Zeb Ejiro who of­fered her a role in her debut movie - “Nneka the Pretty Serpent.” In this movie, she played a lead supporting role. She played an outstanding role in the movie which later became a hit. This landed her yet another role in another hit movie ‘Glamour Girls’, alongside Liz Benson and Gloria Anozie. Since the ‘Glamour Girls’ which shot her into limelight, she has featured in over 150 movies.
She has featured in many block­buster movies including; Dry My Tears, Women of Faith, Shattered Mirror, Jay Boy Obodo Oyibo’, ‘Sui­cide King’, Ego Mbute, In The Begin­ning, A Private Storm, About to Wed, Chimobi, Mother of Faith, Love of a Daughter, Child of Pain, Royal Ad­venture, to mention just a select few.
In 2012, she starred in Adesuwa, a role that earned her a ‘Best Support­ing Actress’ nomination at the 8th Africa Movie Academy Award.
Interestingly, she is very choosy when it comes to scripts. She once said in an interview that a lot of young ones look up to her, and that she wouldn’t want to do anything that would disappoint them.
A conservative actress, she rejects nude roles in movies or roles where children are maltreated. Till date, she has earned her reputation as a disciplined lady, as well as a mother figure in the Nigerian movie indus­try. She has six other siblings, out of which five are males. She is married, a union blessed with four children.