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The Authority Icon: TONY UGOCHUKWU EZE

The Authority Icon:  TONY UGOCHUKWU EZE
For conceptualising and driving a unique business niche in the strategic oil and gas sector that put Nigeria first in terms of environmental protection while partnering the oil majors; for providing em­ployment opportunities for a teeming populace and for his notable, impactful philanthropy, Dr. Tony Ugochukwu Eze is The AUTHORITY Icon.
A restless visionary with over 30 years of experience in the Oil and Gas sector, managing both human and material resources, it is perhaps not surprising that he is proud to be one step ahead of the Nigerian government’s efforts to encourage locals to take a bigger role in the oil and gas industry which was made law in the 2010 Nigerian Content Devel­opment Act. Meet Dr. Tony Ugochukwu Eze, President/CEO of Specialty Drilling Fluids (SDF), now one of Nigeria’s largest integrated oil and gas service companies.
Eze who hails from Amokwe, Udi, in Enugu State, holds a B.Sc. degree in Busi­ness Administration from Winthrop Col­lege, South Carolina U.S.A.He is also managing seven other companies apart from Specialty Drilling Fluids Limited. He is also a member of Board of Trustee of Women’s Right Advancement and Protec­tion Alternative (WRAPA), an NGO body. He is a PAUL HARRIS fellow of the Rotary International, District 9140.
In his words: “I had a dream, which I manifested by the incorporation of Specialty Drilling Fluids Limited (SDF) after coming back from the USA in the 90s. At that time I was one of the first to establish an oil servic­ing company in Nigeria. I hold a B.S.c degree in Business Administration from Winthrop College, South Carolina in the U.S.A and a doctorate degree from Madonna University, Nigeria. With hard work and commitment to excellence I was exposed to the dos and don’ts of the oil and gas business and can proudly state that I have almost 30 success­ful years of experience in the Oil field sector.”
From The AUTHORITY checks, SDF is a 100% indigenous Waste Management Com­pany which specialises in the provision of high quality waste management handling services to the Oil and Gas Sectors, using the latest cutting-edge technology at its op­erational base at Onne, Rivers State. Pres­ently, SDF carries out business as dealers and agents in drillings fluids, drill cuttings re-injection, drilling chemicals, mud cleaning, mud engineering analysis, chemical refiners, rental of storage tanks, trucking, provision of marine spread,solids control and filtration services amongst others. They have one of the biggest warehouses in Port Harcourt.
According to Tony, “We have expanded our facilities by the acquisition of a brand new plant, The Thermal Oil Recovery Plant (THOR) which we located at Onne, on a space expanse of 30,000sqm. The THOR system is the latest technology in drill cut­tings treatment and the first indirect thermal desorption unit designed to remove hydro­carbons from drilled cuttings and recover clean oil.”
Clearly, the petroleum industry is the larg­est sector in Nigeria and the main generator of GDP. The major players like Shell, Exx­onMobil and Chevron all have one thing in common: choosing Specialty Drilling Fluids (SDF) as a service provider to assist their activities. From modest beginnings in 1991, this company has grown to handle projects in excess of $100 million and has one of the largest turnovers of oil and gas service com­panies in the country.
Tony is happily married and the union is blessed with four beautiful children.