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The Authority Icon: VICTOR O. MBANISI

The Authority Icon: VICTOR O. MBANISI

For his fetching humility, focused discipline and compelling entrepreneurial vision propelling him to found and nurture a continental conglom­erate with tentacles into real estate, manufactur­ing, hospitality and oil - providing employment for thousands of Nigerians, Rev. Dr. Victor O. Mbanisi is The AUTHORITY Icon.

Through uncommon business vision, fo­cus and discipline, he founded the Banex Group, a conglomerate with solid asset base and wide market experience which has es­tablished itself as an undaunted force in several key sectors of the nation’s economy - especially manufacturing, real estate, oil & gas and the hospitality sector.

Under his astute guidance, the Banex Group brought revolutionary innovation into the busi­ness terrain of Abuja, by building the first phase of Banex Plaza, in 1993, a feat achieved at a period many doubted the possibility of realis­ing the dream of making Abuja a world class federal capital territory. Meet Rev. Dr. Victor O. Mbanisi, Chairman/CEO, Banex Group.

He was born on July 31, 1959, to the family of late Pa Felix Nnakudolum Mbanisi and late Madam Josephine Chinwe Mbanisi of Orauk­wu in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State. In his words: “My father actu­ally married my mother, because the first wife was sick and he needed someone that would be cooking for him. He didn’t intend to marry again, but because of the wife’s sickness, he had to marry my mother. And before you know it, children were coming in; my mother had six children for him. I started primary school in 1965 and completed it with distinctions, in 1973.”

Life circumstances compelled his ageing father to direct that young Victor should quit schooling and take up apprenticeship to learn a trade. “Therefore I was unable to achieve my initial intention of becoming a Medical Doc­tor, despite the fact that, I had already secured admission to Oraukwu Grammar School,” he recalls. From unenthusiastic stints at learning carpentry to auto mechanic he ended up en­rolling as an apprentice with his elder brother, Dennis Mbanisi, in Onitsha, who was into au­tomobile spare parts selling. That was at No 3, Iweka street Onitsha. Here, he spent five years - between 1973 and 1978.

He was then finally settled by his boss with the sum of N4, 700, as a graduated apprentice in auto parts selling business to start his own busi­ness. For young Victor, that was the providen­tial take-off point on the journey to becoming a billionaire business mogul several decades later.

Today, the Banex Group comprises Banex In­dustries Limited, Vina Industries Limited, and Banex Real Estate. Banex Industries Limited was incorporated as a limited Liability Com­pany on 11th April 1985 and has over the years carved a niche for itself as an outstanding force in the production of paints. Vina Industries Limited has established itself as an outstand­ing force in the production of Vina table water, pet bottles as well as pre-form for water. Banex Real Estate oversees real estate and hospitality industry of Banex Group. In the area of hospi­tality, the group’s subsidiary, VOM SUN CITY BEACH RESORT LTD is developing a resort of international standard located at Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos. In the oil industry, it has VOMOIL Lim­ited, Oraukwu in Anambra State.

Through sheer hard work, strength of char­acter and display of high level of integrity by Rev. Dr. Victor O. Mbanisi, the Banex group has maintained close, fruitful business relation­ship with overseas suppliers/partners and local stakeholders for over two decades.

A strong Christian, he is happily married and blessed with seven children - Victor Jnr., Juliet, Judith, Vivian, Churchill, Emanuel and Daniel.