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The Authority Icon: TONY EZENNA

The Authority Icon: TONY EZENNA
For his entrepreneurial diligence, discipline and focus, factors that have enabled him build a business conglomerate touching lives in his community, region and country; for his large vision and philanthropy expressed in countless selfless interventions, Sir Anthony Ifeanyichukwu Ndubuisi Ezenna is The AUTHORITY Icon.
For 13 years, he worked dutifully in his family-owned Chemist shop - East­ern Industrial Chemist. Thereafter, in 1988, he established his own phar­maceutical company, Orange Drugs Lim­ited (ODL), now a conglomerate (Orange Group), leveraging leadership and manage­rial skills he acquired from his previous ex­perience. Meet Sir Anthony Ifeanyichukwu Ndubuisi Ezenna
He was born on April 21, 1957, in Port Harcourt, into the family of Mazi Ernest Uk­wandu Ebilekwe Ezenna and Mrs. Comfort Ebiliekwe Ezenna of Owerri Akokwa in Idea­to LGA of Imo State. As a child under the tu­telage of his father, he demonstrated an early entrepreneurial precocity. His astute manage­ment of his father’s business was an early sign of what his business future would be like.
Perhaps, not surprisingly, he branched out of his father’s establishment to set up Orange Drugs Ltd, in 1988, in Owerri, the Imo State capital. The coming on stream of Orange Drug Ltd was the onset of his many other milestones that would establish him as an industrialist and business mogul, on a com­parable pedestal as the Aliko Dangotes, Jim Ovias, Tony Elumelus, Femi Otedolas among other leading business czars in the country.
As a visionary, disciplined businessman, job creator and employer of labour, he has taken many young Nigerians off the labour market – into the employ of the Orange Group, Orange Drugs ltd, Orange Soap Fac­tory, Onitsha, Orange West Africa, Orange Kalbe among others. An uncommon philan­thropist, the Orange Drugs boss has many Nigerians happy through his multi-faceted philanthropy. He has contributed immeasur­ably to the development of both his immedi­ate community, region and country at large.
He set up the Tony Ezenna Foundation - targeting the provision of scholarships and fi­nancial support to families that cannot afford to send their children to school. The Foun­dation also provides financial assistance to small scale businesses in communities round Akokwa. His immediate Owerri Akokwa community has enjoyed electricity and pipe borne water, courtesy of his interventions. There is more.
A committed and devout Catholic, he has demonstrated a passion for assisting church­es spread the everlasting gospel of love and tolerance. He strongly believes that life with­out Christ amount to crisis, wealth without Godly love is vanity and that must always show love and seek the face of God. He built the portaceali Cistern Monastery of Orlu Di­ocease, completed the ultra mordern build­ing for St. David’s Catholic Church Owerri Akokwa, in addition to financially contribut­ing to the growth and structural development of many church parishes in Orlu Diocese.
On the sporting front, he sponsors the an­nual Procold Talde Tennis Championship in Nigeria. It’s today the biggest Table Tennis tournament in the country. His company also sponsors the annual Boska football champi­onship in Lagos, and the Akokwa Unity Soc­cer Cup.
Today, he stands tall among his peers. He is a fulfilled man and blessed with a wonder­ful spouse and adorable children. He is also a proud grandfather, having given out two of his adorable daughters in marriage recently.