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The Authority Icon: CHRISTIAN C. ANIEKE

The Authority Icon:  CHRISTIAN C. ANIEKE
For navigating with a broad vision of life and delivering game-changing, visionary leadership in all the arenas he had intervened in; for being an exemplary ambassador of Christ and an out­standing emissary for his region, country and continent, Rev. Fr. (Prof) Christian C. Anieke is The AUTHORITY Icon
Driven by a unique passion for human development and education, he sought knowledge locally and in foreign lands enabling him to positively impact his state, region and country considerably. Meet Rev. Fr. (Prof) Christian C. Anieke, currently the Vice Chancellor of Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu.
He was born in Port-Harcourt on October1, 1965, to the family of Peter Nnayelu and Re­gina Mgbaho Onuoma of Anieke Village in Ezeagu, Enugu State. He started his academic life at Umumba Ndiagu Community Primary School, Ezeagu. He was at Comprehensive Secondary School Onitsha from 1976 to 1981 and finished with an excellent result which easily secured him admission into the presti­gious University of Nigeria Nsukka for a de­gree in English/Education.
As a graduate in 1989 he taught English briefly at the Sacred Heart Junior Seminary Nsude and the Spiritual Year Seminary, Imezi Owa, Enugu State. His pastoral and spiritual service blossomed as he earned a Bachelor of Philosophy degree at Seat of Wisdom Semi­nary Owerri and then later travelled abroad for further studies in Theology.
He had a first class in his Master of Theolo­gy programmeat the University of Innsbruck, Austria. He was ordained Catholic priest in the year 2000 by Most Rev. Dr. A. O. Gbuji. He also served as an Assistant Parish Priest at Windhaag b. Perg in Austria. Furthermore, he studied English and American Literature at the University of Innsbruck and had a first class in both in master’s and doctorate degrees.
As a scholar he worked under Prof. Wolf­gang Zach and Prof Herman Real of the Uni­versity of Innsbruck and University of Muen­ster respectively. His research and studies took him to Bath Language School, Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford University, Glasgow and Uni­versity of Muenster.
In 2007, he became Professor of English at Enugu State University of Science and Tech­nology (ESUT) and two years afterwards es­tablished Godfrey Okoye University for the Enugu Catholic Diocese. Currently, he is the Vice Chancellor as well as Professor of English at the University.
Indeed, Professor Anieke’s priesthood hard­ly affected his academic output. He has pub­lished over ten important works in English and philosophy. He has also presented many papers published in international journals. Among them are Hybrid Formations in Eng­lish Language, The symbol of the Dove at the Baptism of Christ, Criteria for Aesthetic Judg­ment in the Igbo Traditional Society, and Slav­ery in Literature: An African Perspective, etc.
His administrative record is also legendary, starting from the time of his graduation till date. He is Director of Godfrey Okoye Uni­versity Secondary/ Primary/ Nursery Schools, Rector of Omnium Sanctorum Catholic Chaplaincy, Director of Austrian Centre for Social Welfare and Research, and Director of Institute of Chinua Achebe Studies. He is also visiting a professor to various tertiary institu­tions within and outside Nigeria.
He also has a passion for human develop­ment and education, which has won him so many laurels and titles. He is an honorary citi­zen of Mitterkirchen in Austria, Ezeudo Gb­uru-Gburu of Umumba Ndiagu, Ambassador of Peace in Nigeria.