The Lords Chosen was born a mega church with 1b soul mandate, says Muoka

By Cyriacus Nnaji

General Overseer and Pastor of the Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, has disclosed that the church was born a mega one with over 10 billion souls mandate.

Muoka made the revelation at the 17th Anniversary celebration cum crusade titled ‘Only God Can Do It’ which took place at the international headquarters of the church at Ijesha Lagos recently.

“The Chosen is a mega church from birth because God convinced me that I have pregnancy of 10 billion souls, so having conceived 10billion souls from day one, I see it from the beginning that it is a mega church,” Muoka stated.

Being 17 years old, the achievements of the church appear older than the church and Muoka spoke on the secrets, “The secret of the success of the Lords Chosen is God, whatever we have made is God, it is God that enabled us to be where we are.”

On the challenges encountered by the church and how they have been able solved them, he said “There are numerous challenges. At the very beginning, when a child is born you need to give a child education, sense of direction, that is one of the biggest challenges, when you have a church, how do you run the church, so the first challenge is making sure that the church has a standard and for everybody to work according to that standard and God did it for us.

“The other challenges, there was a time the devil was staring up people to contest against the church which they did out of envy. There were people that were not standing losing their members to the Chosen, because they have failed to feed them with the truth and give them what it takes for them to be Christians and to believe that there is God, have their problems solved, so when they failed to give them those things and the chosen was born, they became envious, and people where coming from the orthodox, charismatic, being genuinely born again and then the manifestation of God’s glory, the power of God and so while those things where going on there was a very big challenge many conspired to speak against us, bringing dreams and revelations and at the end of it many of them are coming out for restitution, those that try to fight the holy Ghost. So, but in all that, God saw us through. So God has been our source of victory in all the challenges,” Muoka stated.

On ability of the church to wax strong even in difficult terrains “Our lords Jesus Christ, our saviour and master said he is the church and the gate of hell shall not prevail against it, so whether in America, China, where you have challenges and the middle-east, God is still the owner of the whole earth since the earth is of the lord and the fullness thereof.

“As long as he is the one that owns every soul, he will establish church anywhere in the whole world, sometime ago the scientists said they went to the moon and they saw something and went to pick it only to see it was John chapter 3:16, for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, the scientist said this should mean Christianity is the only true church, the point is that God can build the church in the moon. So having put John chapter 3:16 in the moon, he can as well build church in the middle east, Asia, and all over the whole world. So by the grace of God, the Lords Chosen has entered all those places and it is thriving.”

On how the church is giving back to the society he said, “The church is all about charity, and because the ministry is all about charity, by the grace of God, we are like ahead of the issue of meeting the issue of challenges of charity as a church. All I want to let you know is everything about the church is about charity, so we continue to help the masses, anywhere as long as it is within our ability to help people to be free from their problem, members and outside members.”

On what he would like to do differently, he said “Well I don’t think there is something I would like to do differently because I believe I am doing the right thing. What I am doing today is still the standard, because the bible says seek you the kingdom of God and His righteousness and every other thing shall be added to you so the point is that when you do the will of God, every other thing God will take care of them. So I will still go back to that standard, doing the will of God and prospering.”

On fixing crusade on Christmas day he answered, “In the first place our programme is aimed at saving souls, our programme is not for funfair, it is not a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, but rather preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, so the issue is Christmas is a doctrine of those who don’t read the bible, there is no place in my bible that I see Christmas, what I do is taking advantage of the holiday to preach the gospel. The programme is only God can do it, it is a special programme for people to come and appreciate God forwhat he has done from the beginning of the year, at the same time we minister to them the word of God which they have failed to realize through that programme we take care of it. What one is not able to do from January to December, God will do it, that is why it is titled ‘Only God Can Do it.’

On the faith of those that have come for restitution and those that have not come, he said, “All those that come here for restitution, by the grace of God they have done the will of God, because they have done the right thing, God will forgive them.”

Muoka announced the 2020 programme call ‘What God has Determined Shall Be Done’ which will take place at Mgbidi in January, 2020 between 3 and 6. “It is an international programme hosting the whole world and this programme addresses the needs and problems of people from the beginning of the year to the end. What God has determined for us in the year must surely come to pass, we will converge at Mgbudi from 3rd of next month to 6th, four days and we are going to minister to the need of the people.

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