GOREM Pastor foresees political betrayals, death of prominent men of God in 2020

By Chidiogo Asierika

Lead Pastor of Gospel of Redemption Evangelical Mission (GOREM), City of Wonders, Prayer Chinoye Otuomachi, has prophesied that some prominent men of God in Nigeria will relocate to heaven in 2020.

Otuomachi also stated that the year is also packed with betrayals in the Nigerian political firmament.

“This year 2020, is a year great men of God will relocate to heaven, what do I mean by that? There are some men of God that will be dropping mantles and leaving the earth and they will be going to heaven. Great and respected, we should pray for them.

“This year 2020 is a year of betrayal in the political sector; it is a year of betrayal. Some people that back you up will just betray you. Fathers will betray son, son will betray father,” he said.

Prayer Otuomachi made the disclosures while speaking to the media on his 2020 Prophecies at the Centre for Revival, Scriptures, Strange Miracle, the Prophetic, Iyana Oworo, Lagos International Headquarters of the church on Sunday.

Otuomachi went ahead to state that the year is a year of wonder double “God gave us a lot of prophecies, for example the year 2020 is our year of Wonder Double, we will be receiving wonders in double, It is a year of lifting and shifting. It is a year you will see someone that is down and all of a sudden, he is up, and you will see some one that is up and all of a sudden comes down. It is a year of risks, according to how God gave to us in this commission. It is a year you will be ready to take some risks, the risks you have not taken before to achieve something because, if you sit down there and think this is difficult, I can’t do it, you might never be able to achieve something tangible in 2020, it is a year you will be ready to do something as it comes, when opportunity comes, you won’t wait, you just do it and you get result.”

Otuomachi who is in his early 30s, stated that the year 2020 is a year of Jacob’s ladder. “It is a year of Jacob’s ladder; it is a year of rising and falling, Jacob has a revelation of ascending and descending, it is a year where you see great men go down and you see ordinary mean men come up. Take for example, the Imo State Election; it is a year a great man came down unexpectedly, shocking and surprising even up till now people have not come out of the shock. It is a year the man that was said to have lost the election, became the governor.

“It is a year where the snail will meet up with the rabbit, a year where the snail as slow as it is, by revelation, will meet up with the rabbit that is very fast. It is the year to sow and reap immediately, Like God told Isaac, Isaac sow in that year, and reap under the same year a hundred fold, it is a year to get pregnant and deliver that same day, God told the children of Israel, Israel shall get pregnant in a day and deliver in a day, it means it is a year where you will catch revelation and immediately that revelation will deliver for you. It is a year you catch an idea, immediately that idea will deliver for you,” Prayer Otuomachi stated.

He went ahead to state that the year 2020 is a year of beginnings, “It is a year of beginnings, a lot of people that collapsed for many years, 2020 is a year they are rising up again. Businesses that have collapsed, this 2020 is the year they are starting again.”

According to the young pastor, 2020 is a year God will raise mad prophets “It is a year God is raising what I called mad prophets, and what is the meaning of mad prophets, mad prophets are men that are dedicated to speak the word of God undiluted, without adulteration, they are not adding, they are not removing. One thing that has been happening in the church today, some people are trying to preach to deceive people and God said in 2020 He will be raising young men that will speak the word of God as it is. Take a look at Sheldrake, Meshack and Abednego, the bible said they were bold enough to tell Nebuchadnezzar that we are not here to answer you in this matter, they were so bold, those guys were mad prophets; they are crazy for God.”

He said some men of God will be exposed for their deceptive practices. “It is also a year God will be exposing some so-called men of God. They have skeletons in their cupboard, they have been arranging and managing, God will expose a lot of them. You will hear it in the news; you will hear it on social media. God will be exposing them because they have been spoiling the name of God.”

Otuomachi stated that a state Governor will not be able to complete his tenure this year “This year is a year, I saw a governor not been able to finish his tenure. I see someone finishing it up for him. Something happen and he has to step down for somebody to finish the tenure, he didn’t finish the four years.”

He said death will be rampant in 2020 “This year a kind of year death will become rampant, you begin to hear that this person die this kind of death, it will be rampant, we must pray against that, that we should not be part of that. This year we should pray against war, I saw a nearby battle around Nigeria. This is what I spoke about on January 1st. We need to pray against that too.

“This year I see Buhari, he is going to start new projects, there are things he will do this year and people will clap for him. I saw some projects he mapped out for execution, we also need to pray for him so they become a reality; he will start them and finish them this year.

“This year I saw the water that is angry, there are places they are building on top of water and I saw the water rise up and collapse them, so you may begin to hear about flood taking over some places this year.”

On his prophecies that has come to pass, Otuomachi pointed at the Governorship Election in Imo State “This year I am praying for the positive ones to come to pass, but one of them I see happening would be the instance of the Imo State Election, where I said the great will be coming down and then, someone you are not expecting to be up will be up.

“It is what has happened in the Imo State election, where the fourth, Hope, and the one that got the most votes was not the one that became the governor, people can say what they want to say, but the way God does His things, is beyond the understanding of man, some of us might thing it was man-made, but if you look deeper, you can see that it was divinely orchestrated, that the least becomes the first and the first becomes the last,” Prayer Otuomachi stated.

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