No more Migrant Visa to Nigerians to the U.S

The president of the United States of America following his previous comment in Switzerland about his proposed plan to expand his ban on certain countries from gaining access to the US has come into effect with Nigeria being one of the countries thereby confirming media reports.

Those willing to relocate to the US are issued immigrant Visas which also grants one a permanent resident status.
Other countries affected by the new ban are Eritrea, Myanmar and Kyrgyzstan.
The ban however does not have an effect on regular visitor visa such as the B1/B2 visa although rules might become more stringent.

The inability of the banned countries to keep a proper record or database of her citizens to enable them share information and cooperation with the U.S on immigration matters has necessitated the ban according to the acting secretary of the department of homeland security.

Sources have it that the clog in the data sharing between Nigerian immigration and the International Police Organisation (Interpol) has made it difficult for the U.S to easily track some data despite the fact that Nigeria partner with the U.S in the war on terror, drugs and cyber crimes.

This report however will not cause much problems for Nigerians based on the fact that initial speculations was that there will be a visa ban even on those who wished to visit the U.S rather this is just a migration ban.

This ban is coming merely few weeks after the US has just clamped down on birth tourism with a ban on visa issues to pregnant women who wish to give birth in the US and gain citizenship for their children.

With these newly introduced bans of which affects a lot of Nigerians from pregnant women who had planed to give birth in the US this year to those planning to migrate it is certain that plans of some have been disrupted and a need for a quick replanting will take effect as other options for a second citizenship and migration status with lesser hazzles will be considered by most Nigerians.

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